Chad and Rachel Hamar are one of those rare married couples that can make it work in the business, and make it work well. They maxed out their success cap in the Pacific Northwest and moved their country act “Cloverdayle” off to the most logical path for country artists: Nashville. I’ve known these dynamos for over 20 years, back when we played high school assemblies together! Come hang “backstage” with us on All Access Live’s YouTube as we get a little bit country and a little bit (nah… a LOT) of rock n’roll. Monday August 31 at 3pm Pacific.

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I first met Jenn when she was playing keyboards for Richard Marx, on my first tour w/ A Flock of Seagulls. We sailed the Caribbean Seas on The 80s Cruise, and I got to witness the kind of spirit I love to discover in the music industry. She’s a seasoned pro, having been long-term bandmates with Aimee Allen & the Interrupters and Ke$ha, as well as having done many other session and hired gigs. The past several years, Jenn’s been focusing valuable efforts on Best Friends Cat Rescue in Los Angles. Come hang “backstage” with me and Jenn, and get your weekend started on a positive note!

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We’ve all seen guitar prodigies on YouTube, but having witnessed this phenom from pre-teen, Michael Hermes has lived one of my favorite real-life fairy tale stories. Rarely have I seen someone so creative explore the boundaries of the guitar, and NEVER at such a young age. You’ll know what I mean when we share music, his inspiration and a smile or 2 as Michael and I go live!

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A Bay Area drum favorite, Mike Vanderhule holds down the mighty drum throne for, what I consider to be the most underrated hard rock band on the planet: Y&T. A student and pal of Steve Smith, Mike has all of the facilities of the perfect rock, jazz and fusion player. We’ve had lots of laughs over the years, and I look forward to sharing a few with all of you as Mike and I go live.

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40 years ago this week, in mid August 1980, The Vapors toured outside the UK for their first foray into worldwide stardom, spurred by the success of the hit single “Turning Japanese”. We’ve gotten to do a bit of touring together as well, and have shared incredible experiences along the way. We’ll share those stories and more, as we go “backstage” on ALL ACCESS LIVE!

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William Howell (“DJ WILL”, if you’re a friend or fan) is an encyclopedia of rock and metal, having worked with LA’s KNAC radio, Metal Blade Records and VH-1 Classic’s ‘THAT METAL SHOW’ over the course of several decades. This man forgets no name, band or venue… if you’re a fan of the hard rock/metal scene, you already know that Will’s got stories for days. But few get to hang with him, which is why we’ll be hangin’, chattin’ and heckling.

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Ryan and I first met when he was a mere 12 years old, and his drumming chops were already miles beyond mine. As a student of mine, we worked more on developing the mindset and attitude to pursue a music career. Now a graduate of Berkelee School of Music, Ryan’s worked in a variety of studio environments, was a music designer for Sony Playstation, and has produced an impressive collection of his own music. We’ll chat about the journey, discuss his outlook on the future of music, and enjoy some great memories.

International 80s pop icons Valerie Day and John Smith of Nu Shooz will delight us with a “backstage” hang full of happy thoughts and virtual hugs. This incredible couple has been the exception to the rule for “no dating a bandmate”, having more than 4 decades of happy marriage and a successful rock n’roll career. I look forward to touring alongside them as much as I love taking the stage myself. SUCH wonderful humans, these two! Come play with us as we escape real life for a bit.

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Something must be in the water in Salem, Oregon…Jeff Bowders is the incredible drummer behind some of the most talented artists on the planet from guitarists Paul Gilbert, John 5, George Lynch, Joe Satriani, Larry Mitchell, Richie Kotzen, Scott Ian, Phil Collen, Warren DeMartini, Kiko Loureiro, Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, Justin Derrico, Pat Travers, Brad Whitford, Kim SeHwang, Mike Keneally, Michelangelo along with artist Puddle of Mudd, Shakira, Stu Hamm, Nelson and Graham Bonnet/Alcatrazz; and … yeah, you get it. The boy has cred! He’s also written several books on drumming and has programs to make your efforts count!

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Paul’s been working feverishly on the forthcoming Dan Reed Network documentary “Slam” for years. He’s got incredible footage from the early days of the band, and interviews in phenomenal fans of the band, including Richie Sambora, Corey Glover, Steven van Zandt, Nile Rogers and more. We’ll talk about the development of the film, the ups & downs of the DRN journey and what’s left to complete to get the film launched! Hang out with us “backstage”, live on All Access Live!

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