We’ve all had them: Bucket Lists. VERY FEW humans actively pursue checking off that list one by one, determined to have that list exhausted by the time their last days are counted. But that’s just one small difference that separates Scött English from the rest of humanity. This man balances pursuits of his passion while providing light and support to families and children in need. An advocate for kiddos, English works with his community to ensure that children with disabilities have the best chance possible shot at a vibrant future. There’s a LOT to be grateful for in our lifetime, and this man shows how to recognize that gratitude and pay it forward. You’ll love to join us to celebrate Gratitude Month and the spirit of giving thanks.

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“BIG CAP”, the forthcoming deluxe album release from Capital K is due to hit the market on 12/2/22. Kaleb Rankin shares a peek at some of the tracks, his inspiration and the path that led to this mark in time. Purchase the album on all platforms to get the deluxe version of 22 tracks!

California native Jack Russell is a rock vocalist and songwriter, and a founding member of early-’80s hard rock radio staples Great White. Citing influences like Robert Plant and Steven Tyler, Russell spent his formative years fronting high-school bands. In 1977 he co-founded the band Danté Fox alongside guitarist Mark Kendall. In 1981 the band changed its name to Great White, and in 1984 the group issued its eponymous debut album via EMI. Great White hit it big in 1987 with their third LP, Once Bitten…, which featured the hit single “Rock Me,” and again in 1989 with …Twice Shy, which included their chart-topping cover of Ian Hunter’s “Once Bitten Twice Shy.” Russell left the group in 1996 to pursue a solo career, and released Shelter Me in 1999 via MVP Records. That same year saw Russell rejoin the band, but by 2001 Great White had called it quits, holding a farewell show on New Year’s Eve at the Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana, California.

The following year saw Russell begin touring under the name Jack Russell’s Great White. By 2005, the stress from lawsuits stemming from a tragic accident in a Rhode Island club, inner band turmoil, and Russell’s substance abuse problems had taken its toll, and Jack Russell’s Great White ceased operations. The original lineup of Great White re-formed for a tour and released their tenth studio album, Back to the Rhythm, in 2007. Another studio LP, Rising, followed in 2009, but it would be Russell’s last outing with the group. In 2011, after a period of recuperation following multiple back surgeries stemming from a fall in 2009, a newly sober Russell began operating once again under the Jack Russell’s Great White moniker. In 2017 the band released its debut studio album, He Saw It Comin’, via Frontiers Records.

In the mid-1990s, a Portland, Oregon trio took the alternative rock scene by force. Fronted by the eternally powerful voice and bass prowess of Lea Krueger, On a Llama played nearly every venue in the Pacific Northwest. Supported by guitarist/songwriter Greg Kirkelie and Kevin Rankin on drums, On a Llama amassed a fiercely loyal fan base, sold thousands of full length albums (self-titled in 1995, “Riddle Canon” in 1997) and left the music scene wanting more.

Decades later, I’m still asked often “whatever happened to…?”, and it just seems appropriate to reflect on the story behind the recordings, the incredible live shows, aspirations for the members, hilarious stories about the fans and supporters of the band, and see if we all can’t enjoy the beauty of the phase that embodied that band.

You’ll hear unreleased tracks, see some rare video performances and share conversations with lots of people involved with the band when you join us on Nov 16 at 5pm Pacific!

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Veteran bassist, sousaphonist and producer Don Schwarz recently completed his role as Technical Coordinator for Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio. We talk music for film and TV and how his relationship as a father shaped his perspective on the film, as well as the unique musical history of Portland, Oregon and our shared common musical family.

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If your idea of a real rock band for the 21st century is one that blends the swagger and bluesy elements of classic bands like The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Humble Pie, alongside more recent bands like The White Stripes, Black Keys and Rival Sons, then let me introduce you to the power trio from Portland Oregon – Metts Ryan Collins.

Metts Ryan Collins are bold new standard bearers for this rare breed. With Geoff Metts leading the charge on vocals and guitars, Dain Ryan on the bass and vocals, and Mike Collins on drums and vocals, the band is taking the fight to listeners with their gritty and vibrant brand of guitar rock.

They’re back with a new, full-length No Days Be Wasted available Sept 2nd on streaming, download and compact disc, and we will present the album in it’s entirety, with stories about the creation of the songs, the recording process, and live chats with the guys in-person!

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From playing small, smokey bars in southern Indiana, to touring world wide with national music acts, Los Angeles based heavy hitting drummer, Tosha Jones, quickly made a name for herself throughout the world’s music scene. At just the ripe age of three, Tosha began expressing herself through music, song, and dance. In 1991 as a true drummer at heart, Tosha joined her jr. high school band and eventually begged her parents for a real drum kit instead of playing on various pots and pans and her mother’s Tupperware.

Stemming from numerous garage bands and many Battle of the Band competitions throughout the Midwest, Jones finally jumped ship from working multiple factory jobs in Indiana and saved up enough money to move to Los Angeles, California as she immediately landed the Vans Warped Tour in 2008 with then, all-female punk rockers, The Randies.

Respectfully, after years of rejected auditions and trudging the streets of the Sunset Strip along Hollywood, Jones found herself in various bands on the road opening for national rock acts such as Stone Sour, Halestorm, Seether, & Skid Row, while eventually landing a long tour stint playing drums for Grammy nominated rock band, Saliva in March of 2018. As one of her personal career favorites, Tosha was contacted by American Idol (2015) to play in an all-female drum line for contestant Tyanna Jones, performing the song “Run The World” by Beyoncé.

Fast forward to Covid-19’s protocols and cancellations in 2019/2020, and unfortunately like many other musicians finding themselves away from touring, Jones was part of numerous collaboration videos online which includes Sheltering Sky’s Chuck Wright (Quiet Riot) in their 2021 Björk’s cover “Army of Me”, and most recently “Throwin’ Stones”, which hit on the recent attack of Ukraine. Jones was also featured in artist/singer, Chloe Trujillo’s videos, “Mana” and “The Heaviest Sound is Silence”. You can also find Tosha playing drums online in the star-studded cast for the David Z Foundation covering “Zombie”, by Bad Wolves.

In December 2021, Jones was asked to play drums on a few tour dates for alt rockers Carolina Liar, best known for their hit songs “Show Me What I’m Looking For” and “I’m Not Over”.

In January of ‘22, Jones received a last-minute call to bash the skins for the fresh hard rockers, Black Satellite, as they were direct support for Nita Strauss’s (Alice Cooper, The Iron Maidens) 2022 Winter Wonderland Tour.

In Spring of ‘22, Jones was invited to be a camp counselor for the famous Rock n Roll Fantasy Camp where iconic musicians such as Melissa Etheridge, Nancy Wilson (Heart), and Kathy Valentine from The Go-Go’s were the special guests.

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One of the Portland, Oregon region’s unsung heroes, Cramer has quietly been the magic behind musical greats like Linda Hornbuckle, Swingline Cubs, Curtis Salgado, Mark Hummel harmonica blowout, Scott Pemberton, Lucero, Polyrhythmics and more.

This guy has salacious stories from the road that will put most documentaries to shame. Sit back and reminisce rock n’roll redemption.

Cheryl Bland (aka “The Cheryliff”) is retiring after THIRTY TWO YEARS of teaching! In the last dozen or so years that I’ve known Cheryl, I’ve discovered a spirit that’s been dedicated to service. A beacon of light for those in the regional music community of Portland, Oregon, she’s also carried the torch (well, flag!) for the award-winning Santa Clara Vanguard Drum & Bugle Corps. She’s been an advocate for the homeless, a provider of truth for injustice, and has a wealth of knowledge about biology and conservation.

Celebrate this inspiring educator with me and All Access Live by joining us for a spirited conversation, a walk down memory lane, and discover the real magic behind one of the areas MVPs.

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“Being a performing artist all my life, I recognize how my state of mind affects my artistic expression, performance, and creativity. I specialize in working with creative artists and performers who also recognize this, and desire to maximize their potential. My personal, professional, and spiritual journey makes me uniquely qualified to guide you to a state of mind and being that opens the freedom of your self-expression. Whatever stage in life you step on, whether personal, relational, creative, or adventurous, you perform (how you move in the world) from a place of poised authenticity that begins Within.”

Kathryn is a visionary. When you spend time in her presence, you can feel yourself evolving… and her life’s passion is to help you find your inner wisdom, worthiness and fire. Have you wanted to be a literal or metaphorical rockstar? YOU ALREADY ARE, and she’ll help you discover where that rockstar is inside of you. Join us to chat and light a fire inside of you.

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