Johnny “Vatos” and I have shared the stage many a time, celebrating the sounds and vibe of the 80s. We’ll discuss the crazy ride that goes along with being a drummer in an iconic band!

Johnny “Vatos” Hernandez’s professional drumming career began at age seventeen with a USO tour to South Vietnam. At nineteen, he was playing in local big bands, the LACC Studio Jazz Band and the Si Zenter Big Band. During the same time, Hernandez played in a variety of pit orchestras and backing acts, like Bob Hope, Billy Daniels and Gordon McCray. In the 1970s, he played with The Helen Reddy Band and served as the house drummer of “The Midnight Special” television show. There, he played with acts such as Frankie Avalon, Petula Clark, Keith Carradine and Martin Mull. When Helen Reddy hosted “The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson,” Hernandez had the honor of sitting in with The Doc Severinsen Band. Playing the famous opening theme song was a lifelong thrill.

After having been heard drumming with Toni Basil’s band by composer Danny Elfman and his longtime orchestrator Steve Bartek, Hernandez was hired as a session drummer on Elfman’s first film score, “The Forbidden Zone” (which continues to have a worldwide cult following). Hernandez joined the original lineup of the famous band, Oingo Boingo, a position he held for seventeen years, until their breakup in 1995. During that time, the band released eight albums, toured the world and played thousands of concerts.

After the breakup of Oingo Boingo, Hernandez joined the band, Tito and Tarantula and was featured in the Robert Rodriguez film, “From Dusk Till Dawn.” He had a rewarding time, touring Europe with Tito until 911, but at that point, he decided to return to Los Angeles to play jazz again. In the 1990s, Hernandez returned to regular session work for composers, like Jason Johnson, Steve Bartek and Bear McCreary. He was the drummer for Bear McCreary’s hugely popular “Battlestar Galactica” live orchestra concerts.

For the past several years, Hernandez has been touring with his own Boingo Dance Party, a high energy, wild Oingo Boingo music show that features former members of Oingo Boingo. Hernandez is also drummer for the Don Kubec Big Band and recently formed his own avant-garde group, Vlatko, featuring composer and arranger, Michael Vlatkovich on trombone (with whom Hernandez has played professionally for the past forty years). Vlatkovich is one of the leading talents among the Los Angeles improvisational scene. Playing unrestricted free style music always will be good for Hernandez’s soul.

In November 2012, Hernandez received the esteemed “Los Angeles Certificate of Recognition Award” from the Los Angeles City Council.

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Co-hosted by horror talent agent Missy Gordon of The Scarlet Abbey, ALL ACCESS LIVE returns with a shockingly wicked lineup of film stars from iconic horror flicks:

We’ll take your mind off of the real-life horror that is 2020, and escape with conversations “backstage” about what it takes to make horror films great. We’ll answer questions, have some laughs, and probably share a scare or two LIVE, on Halloween!

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You heard right, folks: Jack and Nick will be joining me to chat Dancehall Days, To Live and Die in LA, Everybody Have Fun Tonight and more. Jack’s got a remarkable new solo album (“Primitif”) that we’ll discuss, and have a laugh or two to escape reality for a short bit… you know you need it! Although we had some technical sound issues, the conversation was special. Enjoy!

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The Floydian Slips are not just a remarkable tribute to Pink Floyd… This Oregon-based ensemble recreates the EXPERIENCE one might have had, seeing Pink Floyd in their heyday. Ned and Paul are both founding members of that band, as well as icons in the Portland music scene dating back to their early meeting at Santa Clara University in the late 80s. We look back to their formative years, and catch up to today, touching on Paul’s new album “What You Hold Near” (July 2020) and a Ned’s new recording with Mexican Gunfight. When my studio internet connection dropped, Paul and Ned kept the conversation going like champs… thanks for the hang, gents!

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Fed and I’ve shared incredible laughs, a few tears, and LOTS of stories about overcoming adversity over the years. You’ve seen him laying down SERIOUSLY cool bass lines for legends like Joe Cocker, Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie, among many others. Fed’s got some of the best stories in rock and roll, and is gonna share them with us all when we go live.

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Stacy had originally set out to become an actress and after getting a few roles in films and plays, she began producing television shows and other content for various companies and a few years later, Luken Communications CEO Joel Wertman found her bubbly personality and sense of humor ideal for a new music interview show he was developing for Heartland Network, one of the channels owned by Luken.

Stacy, a Detroit native, at first balked, but later reconsidered and has been hosting the show ever since. She has since interviewed a number of top musicians like the late Charlie Daniels, Naomi Judd, The Goo Goo Dolls, Steve Earle and many others.

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Reach Stacy and her Socials: @stacyohstacy

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JESSIE’S GIRL may be the most fun 80s tribute on the planet. Based in New York City, their weeks are filled with high-profile appearances and private events around the US, bringing their BACK TO THE EIGHTIES SHOW to the masses. We’ve played some crazy events, from the 80s Cruise in the Caribbean to 80s in the Sand in Dominican Republic. We’re doping our virtual chat thing live!

Known internationally as the keyboardist of the Dan Reed Network, Blake Sakamoto can tell you every stage, city and person he has met touring the world. These days, Blake fronts the Portland band NuWavers, which was playing regularly until the global pandemic. What’s he up to now? Well… a steel trap mind lends itself to some GREAT stories over the years, and we’ll chat about all things live at 3pm on YouTube.

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Dave is one of my dearest friends… someone who has inspired me with his creative genius and gift of song. We played in several different configurations over the past 3 decades, and his story is a real-life fairy tale. Dig in, sit back and enjoy! Some beautiful songs in here, too: hear “Anywhere But Here” at 0:39:27:05 and “Friends Like You” at 1:15:08:17.

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Part 2! We lost connection in part 1, and have added a second session to bring fun your way!

The king of overcoming adversity, Dave Scott has maintained a remarkably positive angle after his passionate dedication as a radio personality was ‘challenged’ by the collapse of traditional terrestrial radio. We’ll talk about the new dawn of embracing change as a way to extend the search for one’s identity…