Sure, many folks know Bob from Fast Times at Ridgemont High as Mike Damone, but music fans can catch Bob gigging with his band “Poppa’s Kitchen”. This man has quite a lengthy list of film and TV credits, and we’re gonna rap about what’s going on his life these days.

Rob is one of the first players I ever toured with. He’s a true Montanan, but has the wanderlust spirit, taking him across the globe to soak up culture from each stop along the way. We’ve got some hilarious history together, and I love this man’s heart. Listen in on our conversation to find out why.

Sure, you probably saw Eddie on those iconic Robert Palmer videos, or with Chic, or Rod Stewart, or Blondie, or… yeah, you get it: this cat has played with- and recorded with EVERYONE! So many Grammy Award-winning records, you won’t even believe it. At least, until you hear his story. His newest album “Akosua” is a masterful blend of perfect hooks and sensual melodies. Eddie is one of those guys that leaves your jaw on the floor when you see him play, and your heart full when you spend time getting to know him. There may not be a kinder soul on the planet.

Here we reminisced about an incredible past, the current state of his world, and what’s to come.

Check out this list of Album Credits!

Come partake in the live conversation with one of Canada’s most successful music biz philanthropists! Ed has worked with dozens of iconic bands to bring notable charities the support they need through amazing musical experiences. You’ll hear behind-the-scenes stories about many of your favorite bands.

If you heard part 1, you got to know how Glen got his start at an early age in the music business. He has recorded and toured with so many notable artists, it’ll make your head spin. Speaking of spinning, we’ll catch up to talk about Glen’s filling in for Tommy Lee, including a ride on the spinning roller-coaster drum kit. You won’t want to miss this one!

Mike and I have shared the stage many times over the years, and this cat has been an influence on me far beyond the lighted stage. He’s a seasoned pro from Motown, and has been releasing new music of his own over the past several years, in-between successful tours with The Romantics. Come get candid nostalgic with Mike Skill and me:

Check out Mike’s new single, “Not My Business”!

Terry is a badass tour manager and all-around gorgeous human being. He has managed Night Ranger, Chicago, Little River Band, Pat Benatar, Bryan Setzer Orchestra and many more (including the legendary Dan Reed Network). He’s seen the ins & outs of the music industry from the front and back of the stage, and I’ll chat with him about those experiences, and how he finds serenity back home in the Pacific NW w/ his lovely wife and crazy goats!

If you hadn’t fallen in love with Phil Buckman’s deep pocket onstage (with no shirt on) playing bass with Filter, Fuel or Petty Cash, or swooned over his characters on Boston Public or City of Angels, then you DEFINITELY grew fond of his inimitable voice behind Carl’s Jr. and NBC News. We’ll chat about all of that and more this week!

You have seen Geoff as the singer/guitarist of Western Aerial, Metts, Ryan & Collins and Ants in the Kitchen, or bought guitars from his award-winning Five Star Guitars, but the story of Geoff Metts goes much deeper. Come dig in and share some bandwidth with a business visionary to see how he’s been able to adapt to changes in the industry.

This gal will knock your socks off. She’s been a regular in the session world of LA for decades as the go-to sax player for the biggest names in the biz. We first met during her tenure with Rod Stewart & have recently reconnected when she joined my pals in Wang Chung. From her appearances on Star Trek Nemesis to her performances with Scorpions, we will unearth stories that you won’t want to miss!