You may know Liv from Prince’s New Power Generation, or maybe even from Road Case Royale with Nancy Wilson, but the fortunate locals of Portland got to witness and experience the emergence of one of the most powerful performers I’ve ever seen. There’s a reason Liv is sought after by the best in the biz: her songwriting is alluring and diverse – you’ll get sultry R&B and soul in one track, and blistering funky horn- & guitar-driven rock the next. Tune in right on my page at 3pm Pacific on Thursday to fall in love all over again!

“If you need a friend, don’t look to a stranger

You know in the end, I’ll always be there

But when you’re in doubt, and when you’re in danger

Take a look all around, and I’ll be there…”

One of the most revered songs from the 80s, The Promise kept young lovers’ dates memorable, and propelled When in Rome to heights rarely achieved by any band. Clive, Andrew and I have crazy road stories from around the world, and you’ll get to peek in at a few of ’em!

The man behind SO MUCH of the music, you’ll get to know the magic behind one of rock’s most-loved voices. Bozyk came to the NW radio scene as a revered rock DJ, still casting his show across the country on syndicated radio stations. What most locals don’t know is how involved Dan’s been in all aspects of promotion, production and presentation of music in the region. On top of that, DB’s got a zest for adventure & the community. We love him for ALL of these qualities, even if he’s a Pittsburgh Steelers fanatic. Come make a best new friend!

Also featured in this episode, Jason Fellman (Bozyk’s partner in entertainment delivery) hopped in and discussed great opportunities for people to voice support to help music, venues and the community:

<strong>Independent Venue Coalition (IVC)</strong> – <a href=””></a> (saving music venues)

<strong>Music Portland</strong> – <a href=””></a> (helping all aspects of music scene)

<strong>Live Events Industry of Oregon (LEIO)</strong> – (helping live events industry)

MOTORIN’!!!! Yessireee, I’ll be catching up with Kelly in quarantine, talking newfound married life with the beautiful Jenn Attar Keagy, what Kelly’s doing to stay sane while Night Ranger waits out the pandemic, and how it feels to have everyone on the planet knowing your hit songs. I love this man dearly, and if you don’t know him yet, you’ll love his heart as much as you’ve loved his voice. You can still rock in America (just have to stand 6 feet apart)!

This one is extra-special! My sweet cousins in Illinois are offering a refreshing escape from the anxiety-driven atmosphere of the current pandemic. Morgan has a holistic offering where “you’ll find a mix of energizing content. Simple, freshly made food & mindful movement, all rooted in helping you cultivate an abundance mindset.”

Michael graduated this week from Alfred University in New York – a gifted multi-media artist, ready to show the world his talents!

His artist’s statement illustrates: “My art explores what it is like to be a physically and mentally hyperactive individual by investigating movement and stillness. Studying sensations and emotions through making, meditating, skateboarding and dancing. These activities give me a sense of reprieve from the busyness of my obsessive thoughts. Adrenaline inducing activities like skateboarding slow time and focus me, telling my mind and body that what is happening in the moment is important, that I am alive.”

Oh yeah, you know there’s gonna be some juicy stuff here. Jeff and I have turned over a lot of stones on this planet in the 25 years I’ve known him! Countless shows, priceless experiences, and of course: plenty of trouble. He’s a sex symbol to many, but to me, he’s just my brotha. His band “The Loyal Order” is blowing up the radio charts right now. Meanwhile, he holds down the low end for 80s rock group “Rough Cutt”, and balances out a successful construction company in Oregon.

The LEGENDARY Iris Harrison and I are gonna go deep. This radio phenom has met, interviewed and played music by every musical heavyweight under the sun! We’ve all missed hearing Iris on-air since she retired this past year. But I’m feeling blessed to get to hang out for a bit to catch up… And you will, too!

Nick may be best known for forming the 1980s British new wave band Wang Chung. But Feldman was also half of the duo Promised Land, which also featured Jon Moss of Culture Club. He was a founding investor in Interactive Ideas and has worked for Warner Brothers, Sony Music and Sony/BMG. Even more important to me: Nick is a genuine and heartfelt human. We’ve met across the world on tour, sharing experiences, laughs and a few cries along the way. Listen in on some candid conversation with this 80s icon!

Brian is the visionary behind the magnificent Spaun Drum Company. His custom drums have been my staple for over 15 years, and have been sought after by players in every genre for decades. Brian also tours with notable artists as a trusted tech, from Babyface to Jason Mraz. Peek in on our conversation as we share hilarious tour stories and discuss what Brian’s finding inspiration from these days.

Mike has one of the most iconic personas from the 80s era, and a fascinating story of his formation of A Flock of Seagulls, the “other” famous band from Liverpool, UK. We’re going to have a chat about touring the world, finding fulfillment on- and off-stage, and what he’s doing to stay busy during the global pandemic.