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Vinny’s unique, powerful drumming is marked not by his performances with a single group, but by his flawless musical contributions to an extensive list of rock and roll icons like Black Sabbath, Ronnie James Dio, Heaven & Hell, Rick Derringer, John Lennon and more!

A consummate performer and drummer, Vinny also is a brilliant clinician, performing clinics and master classes all across the globe as well as making appearances in films and television.

He has recorded and co-written songs on over 25 albums and CDs including many multi-platinum records. Touring the world for over 2 decades resulted in selling millions of records!

Vinny’s drumming can also be heard on numerous movie soundtracks including Wayne’s World 2, Heavy Metal, Iron Eagle and Bedazzled. Vinny, the author of drum instruction book “Rock Steady” and DVD “Hard Rock Drumming Techniques” has performed incredible powerhouse drum clinics around the globe also. Numerous books have been written about Black Sabbath and Dio with the authors always mentioning Vinny’s unique powerful drumming style!

“I would like to mention some of the boys that got my drumming blood flowing……John Bonham, Buddy Rich, Billy Cobham, Mitch Mitchell……Thanks!”

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This was a rip-roaring good time! Mother and daughter had some spitfire, let me tell ya… As Paul McCartney’s stepmother and stepsister, we got all sorts of behind the scenes stories about early life with the Beatles, the McCartney household, and what things are like with that legacy these days. This will be one of the most entertaining hours you’ll enjoy online today!

Known around the world as Sir Paul McCartney’s step-mum, ‘Angie’ is a star in her own right and has all the correct ingredients: the name, the class, and the brass. She’s polite, flamboyant, has a sweet disposition and a potty mouth.

Ruth McCartney, originally a British musician, and the stepsister of Paul McCartney, is now an internet, digital and new media entrepreneur holding the title of CEO of McCartneyMultimedia.com, a creative digital agency with her husband Martin Nethercutt and mother Angie McCartney, in 1995.

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