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“Being a performing artist all my life, I recognize how my state of mind affects my artistic expression, performance, and creativity. I specialize in working with creative artists and performers who also recognize this, and desire to maximize their potential. My personal, professional, and spiritual journey makes me uniquely qualified to guide you to a state of mind and being that opens the freedom of your self-expression. Whatever stage in life you step on, whether personal, relational, creative, or adventurous, you perform (how you move in the world) from a place of poised authenticity that begins Within.”

Kathryn is a visionary. When you spend time in her presence, you can feel yourself evolving… and her life’s passion is to help you find your inner wisdom, worthiness and fire. Have you wanted to be a literal or metaphorical rockstar? YOU ALREADY ARE, and she’ll help you discover where that rockstar is inside of you. Join us to chat and light a fire inside of you.

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Hosts (and bandmates and jacks/hacks of many trades) Robert Wynia and Mark Powers have joined forces to bring you IGNITER, a brand new podcast aimed toward sparking your creativity. With suggestions, tactics, special guests, listener feedback, and sheer and utter randomness, Mark and Rob will send you on your day with new tools to increase your creative flow and effectiveness.

Robert Wynia is a native son of the Western US. Born in Oregon, he has been performing and writing all his life. He has been voted Best Male Performer, Best New Artist, and Performer of the Year in Eugene and Portland, been inducted into the Oregon Music Hall of Fame, and has received two preliminary Grammy nominations for his work with his band “Floater.” He has appeared in numerous radio, television and web-based shows and has traveled extensively on tour.

A percussion artist/educator and world traveler, Mark Powers has studied, performed and taught throughout North America, as well as in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the South Pacific. He has contributed drum set and/or percussion tracks to a number of incredible recording projects, including releases by M. Ward, She & Him, Mbrascatu, Haley Johnsen, Falls, Amanda Richards, King Black Acid, Robert Wynia & The Sound, Cory Chisel & the Wandering Sons, Portland Cello Project, Floater, and many others.
Mark has also made music on stage with a diverse list of artists, ranging from Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielsen, Devon Evans (of Bob Marley and the Wailers), Clyde Stubblefield, Rolling Stones saxophonist Tim Ries, and America’s Polka King- the late Frankie Yankovic, to disco sensations The Afrodisiacs and ’80s nerd-rockers The Spazmatics.
Fun fact: He is also former co-holder of the Guinness World Record for Longest Drum Roll by a Group (shared with Namiah Tribolini, Peter Buxman and Pat Flanigan)!

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Sara and Renee chat about Crone Queen; a collective they launched on Int’l Women’s Day to bring together women and celebrate the act of aging. Both dynamic ladies are Chief Executives of Tech companies and badass women getting stronger and smarter as they age. Want some inspiration? This’ll bring it!

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The one & only Mark Schulman joins me for a fun and inspiring chat. Mark’s performed on the biggest stages with the biggest names for decades: from P!nk, Cher, Billy Idol, Foreigner and more. Perhaps even more impressive is Mark’s engaging side career as a motivational keynote speaker, influencing, empowering and inspiring the world’s professionals. Check out Mark’s showreel here:

Founder of Flirt Factor, Barb Katz is a professional facilitator, dedicated to helping people gain confidence and have better connections with others in their lives. She has developed several events over the years, pairing people together and mastering the art of being a wing (wo)man.

Rock/Country star/talent agent/business-builder, Chad Bourquin and I first met last year when he brought A Flock of Seagulls into Kansas City for a gig. We hit it off right away, first because of his killer eyeglasses, then because of his dynamic personality. He’s been a successful artist using phenomenal business skills, and is determined to share those chops with other bands wanting to make more money. We’ll rap about the “Play Music Make More” program, his Dream Big Series podcast, juggling music with a (delightful) family, and how to not only survive in a tough industry, but to thrive!

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Are you struggling with a sense of isolation? Do you fear disclosing vulnerability? Do you crave compassion and connectivity? How about feeling deeply understood? This is Kathryn’s mission: to bring you Mind Makeovers for Good. We’ll talk about finding purpose, her Montana roots and Neil deGrasse Tyson. I feel incredibly connected to Kathryn, and you will, too, if you come hang out with us!

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Al Judd: The Sensei | Tour Manager | Sound Man and friend to many. Al tells it like it is, and that’s why he’s hand-picked by professionals like Scott Weiland, Above and Beyond, Wang Chung and so many more! He’s been my savior many times on the road & we’ve lived to tell about it. Come hang out with this legend and me.

Janna is one of those wonderful humans that’s spent serious time exploring one’s individuality, seeking to discover the identity of “who we are” versus “what we do”. Her book “Me, My Selfie & Eye: A Midlife Conversation About Lost Identity, Grief & Seeing Who You Are” paints that exploration perfectly, and her new podcast series (Eyedentity Talk) “offers meaningful support and insight for anyone in the throes of midlife identity loss and confusion.”

A self-identified “Heart seeker, word builder, practical dreamer, tequila sipper, photo taker, perpetual learner, thought conveyer, star gazer, aurora chaser, cynical optimist”, Janna goes deep, and I look forward to chatting about that depth, vulnerability and self-discovery.

Discover many of Janna’s gifts at her Website by clicking here.

Jason is a booking agent/drummer/businessman friend of mine that fascinates me. I wanted to share Jason’s wit with y’all, as well as discuss a program he created to develop business marketing skills via poker principles. I’d love to have Jason answer any questions you might have (no limits! Sorry… poker terms again).

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