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“Ï’ve been playing and singing for 50 years now, writing and performing my own material from early on. After playing guitar for a couple years, my brother invited me to join his band Mile Hi. After he left the band we carried for 4 years and then Eric Martin (Mr. Big) joined us. 6 years of playing with Eric was so great! Learned so much more about writing recording and singing etc. Released one album on Electra records, Eric Martin Band, Sucker For A Pretty Face (1983) we broke up in 1984 after being dropped from Electra. They were pushing Howard Jones and Motley Crew at the time. We just didn’t fit there roster.

I was asked to join up with my good friends Y&T as a side touring member in 1984 to tour for the new album In Rock We Trust Played some keyboards and sang background vocals. I even got to play drums a bit! I was with them around 5 years.
In 2003 after the band had been broken up for many years, they reformed and I got the rhythm guitar position after Joey Alves and Stef Burns declined. Fast forward to now and I am releasing my first solo album: Made In America“.

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Aaron is most known as the bassist for iconic rockers Y&T and Frank Hannon (Tesla), but he’s also jammed with some of the top names in rock—from Steve Vai, Jani Lane, and Mike Tramp, to Gary Hoey, Joel Hoekstra, Brad Gillis, and many more.

Not only is Aaron an accomplished musician, but is also a noted studio engineer and producer. We rap about all of that and more!

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A Bay Area drum favorite, Mike Vanderhule holds down the mighty drum throne for, what I consider to be the most underrated hard rock band on the planet: Y&T. A student and pal of Steve Smith, Mike has all of the facilities of the perfect rock, jazz and fusion player. We’ve had lots of laughs over the years, and I look forward to sharing a few with all of you as Mike and I go live.

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