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He’s back! Fresh outta the studio, where he’s working on the next opus. He may share a little bit of his musical genius with us, but this dynamo NEVER disappoints.

If I was looking to wingman anyone on the planet, I’d recommend this guy to any lucky lady. If a band needed a drummer, songwriter, singer or all-around good-looking rockstar, I’d tell them to get Josh Thompson. Sound like a man crush? YES, it is!

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You heard right, folks: Jack and Nick will be joining me to chat Dancehall Days, To Live and Die in LA, Everybody Have Fun Tonight and more. Jack’s got a remarkable new solo album (“Primitif”) that we’ll discuss, and have a laugh or two to escape reality for a short bit… you know you need it! Although we had some technical sound issues, the conversation was special. Enjoy!

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Upon moving to Los Angeles in 2001 after a 3 year tenure with the Goo Goo Dolls on their famed Dizzy up the Girl world tour, Dave Schulz began immersing himself into many diverse musical circles. He hosted all-star jams at numerous clubs (starting with Ian Copeland’s Backstage Cafe), which led to various residencies for 15 straight years at top venues in LA. He soon became one of the city’s most in demand behind the scenes forces, adding constantly to a mile long touring, performing and recording resume of artists from across the musical spectrum: Angelo Moore (Fishbone), B-52’s, Berlin, Bernard Fowler, Bo Diddley, Bonnie Pointer, Chambers Brothers, Cherie Currie, Daniel Lanois, English Beat, Eric Sardinas, Esthero, Fastball, Fuel, Gary Oldman, General Public, Glenn Hughes, Goo Goo Dolls, Ian Gillan, John Blackwell, Kristine W., Lyndsey Buckingham, Maceo Parker, Macy Gray, Mike Porcaro, Mitch Perry, Nik West, Nikka Costa, Rick Springfield, Rusty Young, Ryan Cabrera, Sleepy Brown (Outkast), Steve Porcaro, Steven Bauer, Stevie Wonder, Taylor Dayne, The Rembrandts, Tony Levin, Wang Chung, Warrant, When In Rome, and XYZ, to name a few.


https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dave_Schulz (musician)
https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/connect/386905084 (connect album)

Nick may be best known for forming the 1980s British new wave band Wang Chung. But Feldman was also half of the duo Promised Land, which also featured Jon Moss of Culture Club. He was a founding investor in Interactive Ideas and has worked for Warner Brothers, Sony Music and Sony/BMG. Even more important to me: Nick is a genuine and heartfelt human. We’ve met across the world on tour, sharing experiences, laughs and a few cries along the way. Listen in on some candid conversation with this 80s icon!

A live conversation with drummer/songwriter/beautiful human Joshua Thompson of Wang Chung and Cutting Crew. Tune in here to listen in on our conversation.