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Mike Vaughn… you CANNOT watch our conversation without at least cracking a smile. Mike has such depth in his personality – you can see the intensity of an actor, but the wit of a comedian. He’s known throughout the industry for his acting and voiceover work. Film, TV and video games have been blessed to have Mike Vaughn a part of so much of their world, from Scream: The TV Series, J. Edgar and Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, he’s done it all! Every time I hang w/ Mike, he’s brought much-needed laughter and enjoyment to my life. Come laugh with us as we talk Ron Jeremy, nudist Santa Claus and shooting reindeer in Griffith Park!

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If you hadn’t fallen in love with Phil Buckman’s deep pocket onstage (with no shirt on) playing bass with Filter, Fuel or Petty Cash, or swooned over his characters on Boston Public or City of Angels, then you DEFINITELY grew fond of his inimitable voice behind Carl’s Jr. and NBC News. We’ll chat about all of that and more this week!