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You loved him as the first-appearing MTV VJ in the 80s, you’ll love him even more now. I first got to work w/ Alan on the first 80s Cruise, and we’ve since gigged together from private gigs in The Hamptons to exotic 80s getaways with 80s In the Sand in The Dominican Republic. If you told a 14 year-old me that I’d be hanging out with MTV icons on the beaches 35 years later, I’d laugh you off the Island, but here we are! This guy exudes cool, sophistication and hilarity! Hang out with us live: right now!

Brought to you by Five Star Guitars

Folks, we have all had those icons on TV that we were smitten with. It’s often a good idea to avoid ever meeting them, because they can’t always live up to the special being that we EXPECT them to be. Not in Julie’s case. Downtown is the most vibrant, spirited beautiful soul there is! SO fun!!!