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Partnering with Five Star Guitars, All Access Live is honored to share the air with the legendary right-hand man to guitar god Eddie Van Halen, Mr. Tom Weber. Geoff Metts will co-host this event, and will be discussing the forthcoming in-store appearance by Mr. Weber.

Tom’s reflection upon Eddie’s passing: “Above all else, he was a force that changed the world. He brought us inspiration to be better today than we were yesterday, to strive for perfection and a sense of pride & accomplishment in ourselves as players and as people.”

Tom has seen the glory and hardships of what this industry can bring. Aside from sharing stories and anecdotes about those experiences, he champions Eddie’s mantra to “just play.” We play, we teach, we pick up the torch and light the spark, no matter how brightly our fire can shine.

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From his days playing drums for Powerman 5000 and Dope to the international touring as a tech with The Cult and Danzig, Adrian Ost has seen a lot of rock & roll – both good & bad. Now he calls a creekside getaway in the woods “home”, trading the chaos and debauchery from the rock world for the serenity of rural Washington.

Having amassed a lifetime of stories in his years, those experiences are shared live, as you come backstage with us!

Sponsored by Five Star Guitars