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“Never forget what made you – YOU”

“Bassist, Pop Culture Nerd and proud Fanboy, Rob Lane, talks to musicians, actors and all round interesting people who are willing to wax lyrical about their childhood, pop culture, growing up and what shaped them into who they are today. Get ready for stories of hometowns, trips to the Video Store, life changing first concerts and who’s poster hung on their walls as a kid.”

That’s the vibe you get from Rob Lane’s Straight to Video podcast. He’s a true jack of all trades: he’s quite possibly my favorite podcaster, he’s a talented graphic designer, a traveled and accomplished musician, owns a vintage video museum and so many more traits! We chat about balancing all of those gigs, his touring time with Bulletboys, our mutual love for Johnny Monaco and how to find something you are passionate about so that our lives feel fulfilled. Enjoy the great chat with a dear human on Monday February 6 at Noon Pacific, 8pm UK time.

www.stvpod.comPodcast Website

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