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Ryan and I first met when he was a mere 12 years old, and his drumming chops were already miles beyond mine. As a student of mine, we worked more on developing the mindset and attitude to pursue a music career. Now a graduate of Berkelee School of Music, Ryan’s worked in a variety of studio environments, was a music designer for Sony Playstation, and has produced an impressive collection of his own music. We’ll chat about the journey, discuss his outlook on the future of music, and enjoy some great memories.

Greg Kirkelie’s playing warms the heart and moves the spirit. I was blessed to share a band with Greg from 1994-1998 in “On a Llama”, where we forged a path in the pursuit of global stardom and recognition. Fans know Greg’s sound to evoke semblances of Andy Summers and Alex Lifeson, but I hear a depth that sounds like none I’ve played with. He’s an accomplished sound architect and scoring musician, and has a fun and unique path to lead him to where he’s at today.

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