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Deep in the roots of Portland, Oregon’s rock scene, veteran rockstar Lamar Stilwell scorched the stages throughout the 90s and 2000s. Having toured extensively throughout the Pacific Northwest, Lamar fronted Portland favorite’s “Grindstone” well over a decade before forming Seattle-area’s Point Defiance. That band continued to shine due to Stilwell’s hook-laden grit-rock, catching the eye of Snoop Dogg and collaborating on a cover of David Bowie’s “Fame”.

Lamar continues to write his emotionally-driven power rock, balancing that focus with his love and passion as a husband and father. We’ve done many gigs together in the Northwest, and now we’ll reconnect to share his mindset and hear some of his material in an intimate live environment. Fans of the “golden years” of Portland’s rock scene will love this meetup!

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“BIG CAP”, the forthcoming deluxe album release from Capital K is due to hit the market on 12/2/22. Kaleb Rankin shares a peek at some of the tracks, his inspiration and the path that led to this mark in time. Purchase the album on all platforms to get the deluxe version of 22 tracks!

Tag Archive for: snoop dogg

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