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I don’t think there will be a more entertaining character than Kayvon. Every major event we perform on the east coast of the US or Canada, it seems Kayvon’s there. Every restaurant outing, every soundcheck or rehearsal, he has a knack for always finding out where the action’s happening. And when Kayvon shows up, there’s laughter to be had!

This self-proclaimed “Boy London” has an interesting journey that led him to be one of the most ubiquitous sightings in Canada, and I look forward to him sharing that journey “backstage” on All Access Live

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Fed and I’ve shared incredible laughs, a few tears, and LOTS of stories about overcoming adversity over the years. You’ve seen him laying down SERIOUSLY cool bass lines for legends like Joe Cocker, Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie, among many others. Fed’s got some of the best stories in rock and roll, and is gonna share them with us all when we go live.

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What do David Bowie, Rod Stewart, Tina Turner, Julian Lennon, Beth Hart, Eddie Martinez and Joe Bonamassa all have in common? CARMINE ROJAS played bass for every one of their bands. The biggest names in the business depend on Carmine for their low end, and rightly so: he’s the complete package. Not only can he deliver the goods as a player, his reputation as a kind soul and trusted compadre are most valuable assets. I can’t wait to bring you all “backstage” as we chat about the legendary gigs he’s had, the current all-star lineup he shares with Eddie Martinez, and what it takes to maintain a positive attitude in such a crazy time.

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Sure, you probably saw Eddie on those iconic Robert Palmer videos, or with Chic, or Rod Stewart, or Blondie, or… yeah, you get it: this cat has played with- and recorded with EVERYONE! So many Grammy Award-winning records, you won’t even believe it. At least, until you hear his story. His newest album “Akosua” is a masterful blend of perfect hooks and sensual melodies. Eddie is one of those guys that leaves your jaw on the floor when you see him play, and your heart full when you spend time getting to know him. There may not be a kinder soul on the planet.

Here we reminisced about an incredible past, the current state of his world, and what’s to come.

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This gal will knock your socks off. She’s been a regular in the session world of LA for decades as the go-to sax player for the biggest names in the biz. We first met during her tenure with Rod Stewart & have recently reconnected when she joined my pals in Wang Chung. From her appearances on Star Trek Nemesis to her performances with Scorpions, we will unearth stories that you won’t want to miss!