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“BIG CAP”, the forthcoming deluxe album release from Capital K is due to hit the market on 12/2/22. Kaleb Rankin shares a peek at some of the tracks, his inspiration and the path that led to this mark in time. Purchase the album on all platforms to get the deluxe version of 22 tracks!

“I said M-A-S, T-E-R, a G with a double E, I said I go by the unforgettable name of the man they call the Master Gee” – Rapper’s Delight.

Guy O’Brien is an American rapper known by the stage name Master Gee, founding member of the hip-hop group The Sugarhill Gang.

Master Gee and I recently spent some incredible time sharing life’s journey, our love and appreciation for the ability to continue to do what we were put on this planet to do. I can guarantee anyone spending time to join us on this live hang is gonna come away with a newfound appreciation for The Sugarhill Gang, this man’s passion for life and spreading positivity. You’ll no doubt walk away from this conversation as inspired as I have from Master Gee in the past.

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Tag Archive for: rap

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