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This is one you DON’T want to miss! Todd’s stories of inspiration from his emergence as one of metal’s all-time greatest vocalists in Crimson Glory to his arrival as singer for Queensrÿche, now to his first solo release. Brian Alan has so many funny stories of the two of them on the road together – you’ll be in tears (as was I) as we talk metal, new wave and more.

In mid 2012, Todd La Torre officially became the new lead vocalist of Queensrÿche. The band immediately began touring full-time, and started writing new material for the self titled 2013 album “Queensrÿche”.

The rebirth of the band has led to countless world tours, performing at many of rock and metal’s most prestigious festivals, and appearing on various television shows including the VH1 Classic’s That Metal Show.

To date, Queensrÿche has released three studio albums with Todd La Torre: Queensrÿche (2013), Condition Hüman (2015), and The Verdict (2019). Currently the band is writing new material for a fourth release under Century Media Records.

In 2021, Todd released his solo album “Rejoice In The Suffering” on RatPack Records.

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The Pacific Northwest knows all about one of the industry’s best-kept secrets in Dirk Sullivan. He’s the quiet rock star who was destined for global domination from the late 80s to the mid-90s, with his band “Love on Ice”.

Love on Ice achieved some notoriety from their appearance on Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey soundtrack, and internationally from their European, Canadian and US tour dates before falling prey to the same outcome as many of the other remarkable bands of the era.

Dirk is currently recording a record with Andrew Paul Woodworth, recording with Gregg Williams and states that “Music has taken on a new life for me over the last couple years and especially during the pandemic. I’ve been very inspired and am writing some of the best most original music of my life.”

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