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Welcome to the show singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/producer/sound engineer/master engineer, The Cyber Phounkist Ultra Van Krome! “UVK“ hails from Portland Oregon and proudly flaunts a PHD in Phounkology, having  played with the best in the music industry from global stars Miles Davis. Prince, George Clinton, Chaka Kahn, Tower of Power, Thara Memory, Curtis Salgado, The Esquires, Janice Scroggins, TC Coleman, the Mayther brothers, LaRhonda Steele and SO many more!

1990 Oregon Hall of Fame Inductee UVK sings & plays all the instruments on his studio outings. The brainchild & alter ego of Producer multi-instrumentalists Stevie Ray Mays, aka “Ultra Van Krome LLC“.

“You’s a Twisted Mha Phugga, Van Krome!“
– Miles Davis to a sold out performance in Portland OR in 1986

“Miles loves you, so you gottsta be Twisted, at least that’s what he told me “
– Prince 1986

UVK has a new album produced by Dan Reed, fronted by slammin’ new single “Chocolate Rocket“ features a killer video produced by Dan Pred / Video Media. Check it out, and then check us out when we go live on All Access Live with Kevin Rankin!

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Having been the heartbeat for artists such as Liv Warfield, Prince and Stevie Wonder, Portland’s very own Tyrone Hendrix embodies the quintessential trifecta: drummer, composer and producer. The genre-crossing multi instrumentalist will draw you in with his eclectic and innovative style of energetic beats and pulse-pounding percussion, seamlessly blended with elements of funk, jazz and hip hop.

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Director Douglas Jenkins and cellist Skip vonKuske join All Access Live to discuss the diversely talented ensemble that has taken the Northwest to a new cultural realm.

In the fall of 2006 a group of 9 cellists got on stage at Portland’s Doug Fir Lounge to perform western classical music in an informal setting.

Many of the cellists that night thought it would only happen once.

But slowly that one-off event became a second, and a third, cellists joined and left and rejoined the group again, to perform in Portland’s most popular clubs. By 2009 the group had evolved into a nationally-recognized performing, recording and educational group with a revolving cast of cellists. Cello Project (or PCP as their fans affectionately call them) were quickly appearing anywhere and everywhere in North America, from punk rock clubs to symphony halls, from street parties to exclusive private events. By 2010 this self-described horde of cellos were spending more than a quarter of the year touring, featuring a diverse repertoire that quickly ballooned to over 1,000 pieces of music.

Under the artistic direction of Douglas Jenkins, the group grew and evolved, working with an all-star group of cellists in the Pacific Northwest (Skip vonKuske, Diane Chaplin, Nancy Ives, Gideon Freudmann, Kevin Jackson, to name just a few…). The group developed a three-part philosophy that has mostly remained unchanged over the years:

  • To bring the cello places you wouldn’t normally see it (from wild dance parties, to formal symphony halls, to street parties, to Millennium Park in Chicago…).
  • To perform music on the cello you wouldn’t normally associate with the instrument alongside music from the Western Classical Tradition (from Pantera to Taylor Swift to Kanye West to Elliott Smith, alongside Bach, Rossini, and Saint-Saens, to name just a few…).
  • To build bridges between different musical communities through educational, community outreach, and through collaboration with myriad artists, from The Dandy Warhols to Garrison Keillor to Ural Thomas to Corin Tucker (Sleater-Kinney) to Jolie Holland to Peter Yarrow (Peter, Paul and Mary), among many others, and cellists such as Ben Sollee, Maya Beiser and Zoe Keating.

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From the “Sunset Strip” of Portland in the 80s to his time with Prince at Paisley Park, Steve has run the gamut of lighting experiences. He’s been stationary with the Portland Trailblazers for 25 years now, but has also experienced relentless road time with Bellator MMA and countless bands. We have a lot of tour and travel stories to chat about!

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Matty is one of the biggest music fans I’ve met. His heart is behind SO many artists, and has dedicated much of his time to interviewing people (imagine that!) that intrigue him. Matty has worked with stars of all kinds: musical, athletes and corporate, and has found balance with that pursuit, fatherhood, and a true spirit to assist the progression of artists he believes in. We talk honestly and vulnerably about Alzheimer’s and his commitment to combating that disease.

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There’s a reason that the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles has Jude on staff as a vocal instructor… he’s a vocal chameleon and performer. Nothing put in front of Jude gets taken lightly – and the night we performed together, he seamlessly nailed McCartney and Simple Minds songs with ease. His family musical endeavors make for great conversation, which you’ll get to peek in on!

Jude Crossen Instagram

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You may know Liv from Prince’s New Power Generation, or maybe even from Road Case Royale with Nancy Wilson, but the fortunate locals of Portland got to witness and experience the emergence of one of the most powerful performers I’ve ever seen. There’s a reason Liv is sought after by the best in the biz: her songwriting is alluring and diverse – you’ll get sultry R&B and soul in one track, and blistering funky horn- & guitar-driven rock the next. Tune in right on my page at 3pm Pacific on Thursday to fall in love all over again!

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