Bobby Pallotta is the eye behind the camera, capturing “The Story” from every still shot to video for his clientele for over 25 years.

He started in the industry at the age of 14 in the production of audio recording which grew throughout the years having worked with Twisted Sister, George Clinton, Dream Theater, Three Doors Down, Village People & many others. The audio recording business gave him the opportunity to expand into video & photography production which led him to work in the entertainment and broadcast industry and found his passion. Clients say that “the experience of working with Bobby P.” is the reason they continue coming back to Bobby P. Media.

Capturing “The Story” is Bobby’s passion.

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“Haircoustic” versions of big rock tunes from the 80s and beyond!”

Brandon Cook, Andrew Greene and Michael Killian (B.A.M.) have made singing along to your favorite hairspray-influenced rock a lot easier on the ears by taking the MTV’s Headbangers Ball genre down to a simple acoustic form. The songs you know and (secretly) love are just what you needed to start the weekend off with a “BAM”!

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The Pacific Northwest knows all about one of the industry’s best-kept secrets in Dirk Sullivan. He’s the quiet rock star who was destined for global domination from the late 80s to the mid-90s, with his band “Love on Ice”.

Love on Ice achieved some notoriety from their appearance on Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey soundtrack, and internationally from their European, Canadian and US tour dates before falling prey to the same outcome as many of the other remarkable bands of the era.

Dirk is currently recording a record with Andrew Paul Woodworth, recording with Gregg Williams and states that “Music has taken on a new life for me over the last couple years and especially during the pandemic. I’ve been very inspired and am writing some of the best most original music of my life.”

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“Having been a Portland native all my life, its been a dream of mine to be established in the community as a source for sharing the passion I have for music through teaching, performing and helping others achieve their goals through my insight, experience and knowledge.”

As the guitarist in Portland’s Dirty Rhythm, Brian Harrison was teetering on the edge of becoming a star in the early 90s. The band went up to Canada to record their debut, Hard As A Rock, with Loverboy’s Paul Dean only to watch the album sink due to poor label support. Fifteen years later the band dipped into their vaults to release Never Cleaned Up.

Today finds Brian actively recording his own music, as well as producing artists and projects in his home studio, overlooking the valley in Portland.

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“Steve Wilkinson is quite the shape shifter and an impressive song writer to boot. He’s had a good deal of practice, traveling and playing with other bands and working on other projects. This time Wilkinson takes centre stage and shows his practice has damn near made perfect. His music is subtle and lovingly formed.” – Johnny Sixstring – We Love Rock-n-Pop
Regarded as the “King of PDX”, Steve has been a centerpoint in the Northwest music scene for decades. It was hard to go out any night in Portland to see live music and NOT see Steve onstage or off, supporting the community. He’s got some remarkable history in the scene, and I look forward to peeling back those pages to hang out live.

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Known throughout the Greater Portland Area as “The Party Starter”, Mike Diamond has been the bringer of good vibes to countless events. There’s seemingly nothing Mike can’t do: he’s a wizard with Intel, a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, a stand-up comic, and arguably the greatest dancer still living (I put Prince and Michael Jackson atop the all-time list). What the world needs now is more Mike Diamond, but since there can be only one, I’m sharing him with you on Saturday, September 12 at 3pm PST on YouTube.

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