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A gentle bear, this Clowater guy… we bonded over his incredible photography, love of music and appreciate for culinary delights. Andrew is one of the most remarkable photographers I’ve ever met, and has an eye for capturing images that people rarely see. From nature’s beauty to dynamic expression onstage, Mr. Clowater brings his gifts to life in the form of art, and I’m very much looking forward to sharing stories of his process, his journey along the way, and some great laughs that we’ve had in our times together.

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The mysterious man behind the camera and pen is one of Portland, Oregon’s most prolific contributors to supporting Oregon music. You’ve seen his unique photography and design work on countless album covers, magazines and publications.

Creator of Buko.net, pioneer contributor to Two Louies Magazine, and undoubtedly one of Portland’s best kept secrets, this ananym has stories for days… we’ll only scratch the surface, but you won’t want to miss his hilarious memories of Portland before it became a hipster hotspot.

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Tag Archive for: photographer

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