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Born into a blood line of drummers, Steve Brown was destined to rock! His Father Mick Brown Sr. was a drummer. His older brother “Wild” Mick Brown is a drummer. And just like tradition, Steve started his journey on the drum kit at the early age of 12. Not only was he a drummer in the making, he also decided to pick up the trumpet. This made him a “musical drummer” from the start.

As a youngster, he witnessed his older brother”Wild”Mick Brown(Dokken, Ted Nugent) rise to rock and roll royalty. Steve would attend his brother’s local concerts, gained inspiration, and began his storied journey as a drummer. “ I saw Mick play at the Cow Palace in San Francisco on New Years Eve. I met Bill Graham that night. After that, I knew what I wanted to do.” Steve’s first drum kit was purchased in short order. After which, followed a string of high school garage bands. A break came at age 17.

While still in high school, Steve met up with local heavyweights Mark Ross, and John Nymann, (of Y&T, 415, and Eric Martin Band) Mark Ross asked Steve to play in an all-star band, backing up the San Francisco “Burlesque Queen” Carol Doda. Steve spent the next ten years honing his recording skills & dynamic-solid drum style with various bands/artists throughout Northern California.

In 1999, the band Oleander, who had Billboard & Radio success, approached Steve to perform on the NBC show “Gravity Games”, From that point on, Steve became their official drummer. They promptly got to work touring and recording full-length records. At the same time, Steve continued recording & performing with various artists and producers.

As a studio drummer, Steve Brown has recorded drum tracks for the likes of : Pat Olguin(Black Eyed Peas, Papa Roach, Cake, Wyclef Jean)–Michael Rosen(Santana, Joe Satriani, Papa Roach, Rancid,Eddie Money)_ -Brian Wheat(Tesla, Soulmotor)-Joe Johnston(Cake, Deftones, Paramour)-Rich Mouser (Spock’s Beard, Oleander)-Mark Needham (Chris Isaak, Cake, The Killers, and My Chemical Romance).

In 2010, Brown finished drum tracks on the upcoming Oleander release entitled, “Something Beautiful”. Steve Brown also became the national touring drummer for the Ronnie Montrose Band (2010-2012). Steve had the honor of being the last drummer that Ronnie Montrose would have. Upon his passing. Ronnie himself once quoted, “Steve is the Keith Moon to my Pete Townshend”….Steve Brown is best known for being the touring/recording drummer for Ronnie Montrose, but has taken the Fall of 2021 by storm, touring internationally playing drums for hard rock phenoms Tesla.

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“Ï’ve been playing and singing for 50 years now, writing and performing my own material from early on. After playing guitar for a couple years, my brother invited me to join his band Mile Hi. After he left the band we carried for 4 years and then Eric Martin (Mr. Big) joined us. 6 years of playing with Eric was so great! Learned so much more about writing recording and singing etc. Released one album on Electra records, Eric Martin Band, Sucker For A Pretty Face (1983) we broke up in 1984 after being dropped from Electra. They were pushing Howard Jones and Motley Crew at the time. We just didn’t fit there roster.

I was asked to join up with my good friends Y&T as a side touring member in 1984 to tour for the new album In Rock We Trust Played some keyboards and sang background vocals. I even got to play drums a bit! I was with them around 5 years.
In 2003 after the band had been broken up for many years, they reformed and I got the rhythm guitar position after Joey Alves and Stef Burns declined. Fast forward to now and I am releasing my first solo album: Made In America“.

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