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Heather Anne Thomas is an American actress, activist, and author who grew famous for her role as Jody Banks in the adventure series ‘The Fall Guy’. Her TV stint began at a young age when she was chosen as one of the hosts for the NBC series ‘Talking with a Giant’. She then went on to earn a degree in Film and Theatre from ULCA before making guest appearances in TV series, such as ‘California Fever’, ‘Co-Ed Fever’ and ‘The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo’.

Her breakthrough arrived in 1981 when she was roped in to play a lead role in ‘The Fall Guy’. The show, which ran for five seasons, became quite popular in many states and made Thomas a household name. Since then, she has been part of many TV series and movies. Her most notable movie role was in the 1987 made-for-tv ‘Ford: The Man and the Machine’, which earned her a Gemini Award nomination.

As the years passed, Thomas started focusing more on her personal life and decided to stop acting in 1998. She is currently an activist for various causes, in addition to being a scriptwriter and published author.

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Yarrow is a community builder of 20 years and pioneer in social networking. Yarrow is the Founder of HATCH , H360.ai, and Superdudes, an Aspen Institute Fellow, and named 2015 top 100 creatives in the U.S. by Origins. As a Director, he has helmed projects for Richard Branson, The Rock, P Diddy, and international brands.

In 1999, Yarrow created the original online community, Superdudes – 3 1/2 years before My Space – enabling users to create online identity, profile, friends lists, and play online games, to earn a chance at crowd-voted fame, and get printed in a deck of trading cards. The platform connected and empowered real life superheroes (there is a superhero within us all) and gamified community volunteerism. The community grew to 1.5 Million users by 2003, and user engagement was higher than any youth destination site at that time, when it was acquired by FOX in a bundle with MySpace for $580M. Six months later, Yarrow founded HATCH, a network of influencers accelerating progress on solutions for global challenges.

In 2016 Yarrow founded H360, a machine learning platform as the ultimate engagement and collaboration app. H360 is designed to unleash the potential of communities, corporations, and other organizations while, creating a “Network of Networks” by match-making resources for collaborations to improve the world. Yarrow is featured in the book Talent for Humanity, has led think tanks with Intel, Hasbro, Ernst & Young, given talks at TEDx, Vivatech, EarthX, Day One, and Business Innovation Factory Summit (BIF).

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Dave is one of my dearest friends… someone who has inspired me with his creative genius and gift of song. We played in several different configurations over the past 3 decades, and his story is a real-life fairy tale. Dig in, sit back and enjoy! Some beautiful songs in here, too: hear “Anywhere But Here” at 0:39:27:05 and “Friends Like You” at 1:15:08:17.

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One of Montana’s most treasured rock legacies, each member of Jeremy Scared proved their worth in later projects, but as the grunge era broke the Northwest wide open, these Montanan rockers inspired a whole generation of musicians and fans, myself included! Scared’s legacy lives on through All Access Live!

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My earliest mentor, Rob Kohler is a visionary bassist. Rob opened my eyes to sophisticated rock and fusion, and started the first original band I’d ever been a part of: “Energy Positive”. He’s been an educator throughout North America, teaching bass via university and independent programs including Stanford Jazz Workshop, and is currently an adjunct professor at Montana State University. He’s not only a musical phenom, he’s an inspiring human being. We chat about Rob’s inspirations, his journeys, and both of our fathers (who have been friends for over 50 years).

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