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One of Portland‘s most loved personalities, Bill Prescott had been atop the airwaves in rock radio for decades. To be in a position like that, one needs character, and MAN, does this guy have that! All one needs to know is the band he championed (“Choad”) and it’ll scratch the surface of the demented and hilarious mind of Prescott.

We catch up with BP in a “Where are they now?” segment, and find out whether Choad may or may not be inducted into next year’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

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Happy Cinco de Mayo! I’ll be sharing laughs w/ Daria Eliuk remotely from our rehearsal with A Flock of Seagulls in San Diego!

One of Portland, Oregon’s most recognizable voices, Daria has been a mainstay in the Portland radio and TV environment for nearly 3 decades. As an aspiring rock star, I was honored to appear on her KNRK radio program in the mid-90s. She’s done an exhaustive list of media-related activities beyond radio, though…

One of Eiluk’s signature features was “Daria’s Local Entertainment Guide,” which she wrote herself. The daily segment mixed information about Portland area events and attractions with reminiscences from her youth and college days in addition to trivia and historical anecdotes. Material from the Entertainment Guide was later released on compact disc with proceeds going to the Dove Lewis Animal Hospital.

In 2016, Eliuk left her show at KRSK to return to KNRK to co-host Alternative Afternoons with Gustav and Daria. In August 2017, the station’s parent company, Entercom, opted not to renew her contract. She launched the podcast Radio Free Daria in October 2018 and continues to write fiction and appear at Portland area events.

I don’t know very many people with the sharp wit and gift of storytelling that Daria possesses, and I can’t wait to share that with you!

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