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What Gil does boggles the mind, gets you moving, and will leave you dying to see what he can come up with next. I’ve truly never seen a more amazing keyboardist in my life. But he’s SO much more than that! See what Todd Rundgren and T-Pain already know when we chat live! Subscribe to the ALL ACCESS LIVE YouTube channel for special offers and the entire collection of ALL ACCESS LIVE episodes.

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Steve is a musical dynamo: Keyboardist and Music Director for Avril Lavigne, Keys for DramaGods (Nuno Bettencourt) and the curator and bandleader for Soundcheck Live, Los Angeles’ all-star Hollywood jam! We met many years ago on his tour w/ Avril, and knew instantly that he’s someone I’d want to stay connected to for life. SO many stories and craziness! Can’t wait to share some time with Steve, and would love for you to join us!

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Currently residing in Bangkok, Thailand, Keith performs with his blues band Cotton Mouth, Deni Hines and produces music for TV commercials, Documentaries, and TV shows. He also records sessions with other artists and runs his music streaming music service. Over his career, Keith performed with Steven Seagal, Zakiya Hooker (Daughter of John Lee Hooker), Deni Hines, Gloria Gaynor and Cotton Mouth blues band. I was blessed to rock with Keith in Bangkok last year, and felt a connection to this Irish visionary.

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Upon moving to Los Angeles in 2001 after a 3 year tenure with the Goo Goo Dolls on their famed Dizzy up the Girl world tour, Dave Schulz began immersing himself into many diverse musical circles. He hosted all-star jams at numerous clubs (starting with Ian Copeland’s Backstage Cafe), which led to various residencies for 15 straight years at top venues in LA. He soon became one of the city’s most in demand behind the scenes forces, adding constantly to a mile long touring, performing and recording resume of artists from across the musical spectrum: Angelo Moore (Fishbone), B-52’s, Berlin, Bernard Fowler, Bo Diddley, Bonnie Pointer, Chambers Brothers, Cherie Currie, Daniel Lanois, English Beat, Eric Sardinas, Esthero, Fastball, Fuel, Gary Oldman, General Public, Glenn Hughes, Goo Goo Dolls, Ian Gillan, John Blackwell, Kristine W., Lyndsey Buckingham, Maceo Parker, Macy Gray, Mike Porcaro, Mitch Perry, Nik West, Nikka Costa, Rick Springfield, Rusty Young, Ryan Cabrera, Sleepy Brown (Outkast), Steve Porcaro, Steven Bauer, Stevie Wonder, Taylor Dayne, The Rembrandts, Tony Levin, Wang Chung, Warrant, When In Rome, and XYZ, to name a few.


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