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Originally from Niagara Falls, NY. — Vocalist, multi-ethnic drummer / percussionist and founder of Brothers of the Baladi (1976), Arabesque (1994 – traditional Middle Eastern music band) and Radio Remedy (2018). Based in Portland, Oregon, Brothers of the Baladi performed both traditional and original Middle Eastern World Music featuring vocals in seven languages [Arabic, Turkish, Armenian, Farsi, Spanish, French & English] with instruments & songs from around the world. The band successfully brought their music to festival, college and concert audiences all over North America and England for over four decades. The Brothers’ 12 albums (distributed exclusively by Burnside Distribution) are sold online and in retail stores worldwide.

The Brothers’ Just Do What’s Right album was nominated for a Grammy in the Contemporary World Music Category in 2008 and their twelfth Gravity of Love album was nominated for a Grammy in the Rock Album of the Year in 2016.

Michael was a well known Middle Eastern Drums and Percussion clinician locally, regionally and internationally and his 1991 Basic Middle Eastern Rhythms video was the first Middle Eastern Drum instructional video ever marketed.

Michael was co-founder of the infamous Gypsy Stage at the Oregon Country Fair in 1979.

In addition to his World Music, Michael has always maintained his love of ‘normal’ music and his drum kit skills and he has performed with many local and regional Blues, Rock, etc. bands through the years. Currently he performs on drum kit and vocals with The Roadless Travelers (songs you know and love from the 60s-80s) and Radio Remedy (Pop cover band).

For any more info or history on Brothers of the Baladi see http://www.baladi.com.

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