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“Ï’ve been playing and singing for 50 years now, writing and performing my own material from early on. After playing guitar for a couple years, my brother invited me to join his band Mile Hi. After he left the band we carried for 4 years and then Eric Martin (Mr. Big) joined us. 6 years of playing with Eric was so great! Learned so much more about writing recording and singing etc. Released one album on Electra records, Eric Martin Band, Sucker For A Pretty Face (1983) we broke up in 1984 after being dropped from Electra. They were pushing Howard Jones and Motley Crew at the time. We just didn’t fit there roster.

I was asked to join up with my good friends Y&T as a side touring member in 1984 to tour for the new album In Rock We Trust Played some keyboards and sang background vocals. I even got to play drums a bit! I was with them around 5 years.
In 2003 after the band had been broken up for many years, they reformed and I got the rhythm guitar position after Joey Alves and Stef Burns declined. Fast forward to now and I am releasing my first solo album: Made In America“.

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