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For those of you that missed them on AXS TV’s “World’s Greatest Tribute Bands”, Appetite for Deception is the world’s most authentic Guns n’ Roses Tribute. These guys have been touring the Pacific Northwest and beyond, amassing a trove of ridiculous and awesome experiences, and they plan to share them with you all on All Access Live! Some of the funniest guys I know, which we ALL need right now! Come join us live on Thursday February 9 at 7pm Pacific!

Sponsored by Five Star Guitars

Keith Parkhurst is a man of many talents. During the pandemic, he has found fulfillment through interactive performances with stroke patients in his organization called The Backstrokes. Keith is a phenomenal drummer and an invaluable part of the music community in Portland.

Come join us backstage when we find out what makes this dynamo tick!

Sponsored by Five Star Guitars

The man behind SO MUCH of the music, you’ll get to know the magic behind one of rock’s most-loved voices. Bozyk came to the NW radio scene as a revered rock DJ, still casting his show across the country on syndicated radio stations. What most locals don’t know is how involved Dan’s been in all aspects of promotion, production and presentation of music in the region. On top of that, DB’s got a zest for adventure & the community. We love him for ALL of these qualities, even if he’s a Pittsburgh Steelers fanatic. Come make a best new friend!

Also featured in this episode, Jason Fellman (Bozyk’s partner in entertainment delivery) hopped in and discussed great opportunities for people to voice support to help music, venues and the community:

<strong>Independent Venue Coalition (IVC)</strong> – <a href=”https://www.voicevenues.com/”>https://www.voicevenues.com/</a> (saving music venues)

<strong>Music Portland</strong> – <a href=”https://musicportland.org”> https://musicportland.org</a> (helping all aspects of music scene)

<strong>Live Events Industry of Oregon (LEIO)</strong> – https://www.leioregon.org/ (helping live events industry)

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