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For the past 30 years Jimmie Dean has been involved in the music industry as a musical instrument distributor, retail sales authority, e-Commerce manager, customer service expert, and a professional drummer.

Currently, his company Dean Music Group focuses on finding stage monitoring solutions for musicians and audio professionals through sales of products like Ultimate Ears. He also manages all e-Commerce data for Denver’s Rupp’s Drums.

As the former US representative for Porter & Davies, Jimmie managed US service center operations, product distribution, sales, artist relations, and marketing strategies for the company. He helped Porter & Davies US secure agreements with top retailers, including Sweetwater Music, Sam Ash, AMS, Bananas At Large, Bentleys Drum Shop, Skip’s Music, and Vic’s Drum Shop.

Jimmie established product representation in backline and tour support companies across the US, including SIR, Center Staging, Claire, PSI, Angel City Drum Works, and Sound Check.

Jimmie also created forward-thinking relationships with musical manufacturers such as Aviom Systems, Drum Workshop, and Roland.

Furthermore, he developed ongoing conversations with nationally recognized music education programs such as Musician’s Institute and the Collective School of Music in New York.

Jimmie continues to play drums professionally week to week. He prides himself on being able to play in almost any situation due to large variety of acts and performers he has been honored to work with over the years. You can find more about Jimmie at www.deanmusicgroup.com

JP’s the man behind the drum kit for SO MANY bands, it’d take up a whole hour listing them all. As the beat-keeper for 80s pop chart-toppers “Naked Eyes”, Jon and I have done many a gig together. You’ll get to be a fly on the wall when we take you “backstage” for a fun and uplifting hang to wrap up your Labor Day weekend!

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Jim Riley’s been recognized as one of Country Music’s most accomplished and in-demand artists. Bandleader and drummer for multi-platinum group “Rascal Flatts”, Jim has also authored several publications, has TV and video game credits to his name, and millions of fans have watched him shine from his throne. We’re taking you “backstage” to hang out with this drum legend on Tuesday, September 1 at 3pm Pacific, 5pm Central/Nashville Time, y’all!

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Ryan and I first met when he was a mere 12 years old, and his drumming chops were already miles beyond mine. As a student of mine, we worked more on developing the mindset and attitude to pursue a music career. Now a graduate of Berkelee School of Music, Ryan’s worked in a variety of studio environments, was a music designer for Sony Playstation, and has produced an impressive collection of his own music. We’ll chat about the journey, discuss his outlook on the future of music, and enjoy some great memories.

Something must be in the water in Salem, Oregon…Jeff Bowders is the incredible drummer behind some of the most talented artists on the planet from guitarists Paul Gilbert, John 5, George Lynch, Joe Satriani, Larry Mitchell, Richie Kotzen, Scott Ian, Phil Collen, Warren DeMartini, Kiko Loureiro, Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, Justin Derrico, Pat Travers, Brad Whitford, Kim SeHwang, Mike Keneally, Michelangelo along with artist Puddle of Mudd, Shakira, Stu Hamm, Nelson and Graham Bonnet/Alcatrazz; and … yeah, you get it. The boy has cred! He’s also written several books on drumming and has programs to make your efforts count!

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If you caught round 1, you’ll know that the goofy personalities that make up us drummers can make for a hilarious time with you get 6 or 7 of us together! Co-hosted by Andrew Greene, this episode is joined by Merrill Hale, René Jarmer, Michael Jarmer, Keith Parkhurst and Joe Spencer. Heavyweights in their respected genres, this group of drummers have all been influential in music and spirit to me. Join us, won’t you?

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