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Francis Ruiz has paved his path through persistence and focus to develop a long-term drumming career.

While living in Los Angeles, Ruiz immediately became a drummer in high demand, playing with a wide variety of bands and musicians on virtually every venue on the Sunset Strip as well as in Orange County, Calif. Ruiz has performed and toured with artists such as Samantha 7, Great White, Motorhead, John Corabi, Robbie Crane, Rocky George and Mike Duda.

In late 2018, he was asked to join the platinum-selling veteran rock band Buckcherry. His work as a tenured drum tech is impressive, working with the industry’s biggest names, proving that Francis’ reputation as a pro in all aspects is well-earned. He’ll share some of those secrets and insights when we hang out live, backstage!

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Get the scoop on working with the best in the biz! Alice Cooper to Rob Zombie and everyone in-between, Michael Miller has seen it ALL. He splits tech duties for Kenny Aronoff and Glen Sobel, and has worked every corner of the entertainment business, from artist rep to the feature film industry. Our chat’s going to be the highlight of your day – I can guarantee it!

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“El Steevo” has been a drum tech for the greatest in the rock n’ roll biz. An accomplished player himself, Steve and I first met as he teched for our pal Nate Morton on NBC’s “The Voice”. He’d already been a drum tech for Tommy Lee for some time in the past, and has now since returned to rock for TBone. The man behind DTS Percussion, Steve builds world-class snare drums, and was officially indoctrinated to the “Brollercoaster” club with me at Magic Mountain a coupla years ago with Nate Morton, Tosha Jones and myself. Only one of us “lost our lunch” that day… I’ll let you guess who that was. 🙂 Come hang out with us as Steve shares crazy stories about being the man behind the magic with rock n’ roll’s best!

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Brian is the visionary behind the magnificent Spaun Drum Company. His custom drums have been my staple for over 15 years, and have been sought after by players in every genre for decades. Brian also tours with notable artists as a trusted tech, from Babyface to Jason Mraz. Peek in on our conversation as we share hilarious tour stories and discuss what Brian’s finding inspiration from these days.