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One of Portland‘s most loved personalities, Bill Prescott had been atop the airwaves in rock radio for decades. To be in a position like that, one needs character, and MAN, does this guy have that! All one needs to know is the band he championed (“Choad”) and it’ll scratch the surface of the demented and hilarious mind of Prescott.

We catch up with BP in a “Where are they now?” segment, and find out whether Choad may or may not be inducted into next year’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

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In keeping with my method of sharing my ultra-creative friends and family, this conversation will be no exception. Anthony Gainer (known by some as “DJ Atrane”), is Co-Owner/Creative Director at Ink Well Project, proving his qualities as a gifted director and filmmaker. His recent short film “A Good Man” is an acclaimed award-winner, and his resumé boasts America’s Got Talent, NBC, FOX, ABC and Disney as clients. Beyond that, Anthony and I had our early starts together gigging throughout the West coast as members of Columbia Records’ “Craving Theo”. There’s some fun stuff to catch up on, and you’ll get to weigh in, live!

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The first time I saw Chris wailing on the drum kit with 80s megapop band Berlin, it was nearly 20 years ago. Everything about the way this guy plays is impressive, and then when you meet him: he’s all that and more in personality. A great-hearted friend, I can’t wait to catch up with Chris and talk about life changes, rockin’ the road w/ a family, and the many hats he wears to keep music in the forefront of his life.

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The man behind SO MUCH of the music, you’ll get to know the magic behind one of rock’s most-loved voices. Bozyk came to the NW radio scene as a revered rock DJ, still casting his show across the country on syndicated radio stations. What most locals don’t know is how involved Dan’s been in all aspects of promotion, production and presentation of music in the region. On top of that, DB’s got a zest for adventure & the community. We love him for ALL of these qualities, even if he’s a Pittsburgh Steelers fanatic. Come make a best new friend!

Also featured in this episode, Jason Fellman (Bozyk’s partner in entertainment delivery) hopped in and discussed great opportunities for people to voice support to help music, venues and the community:

<strong>Independent Venue Coalition (IVC)</strong> – <a href=”https://www.voicevenues.com/”>https://www.voicevenues.com/</a> (saving music venues)

<strong>Music Portland</strong> – <a href=”https://musicportland.org”> https://musicportland.org</a> (helping all aspects of music scene)

<strong>Live Events Industry of Oregon (LEIO)</strong> – https://www.leioregon.org/ (helping live events industry)

The LEGENDARY Iris Harrison and I are gonna go deep. This radio phenom has met, interviewed and played music by every musical heavyweight under the sun! We’ve all missed hearing Iris on-air since she retired this past year. But I’m feeling blessed to get to hang out for a bit to catch up… And you will, too!