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Murray is one of those tireless dynamos that can handle anything thrown at him in the music world. A booking agent/manager with more bands in his arsenal than would seem possible, Murray Mcvay and Jason Fellman have joined forces in music booking with Mur-Man Productions and J-Fell Presents, and now Sterling Talent. Murray also actively runs the Your-NewLife-Recovery program that has inspired many rock stars on- and offstage to find a new way to live without the influence of drugs and alcohol.

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Steve created a magical annual 80s getaway – 80s in the Sand (previously in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, moving to Cancun, Mexico this Fall!). The “Sanders” community that his week-long experience created has become one of my favorite groups of humans I’ve ever encountered. Steve and I will chat about partying with Sammy Hagar, crazy 80s adventures past/present/future, and our arm-wrestling over Downtown Julie Brown. Live, on All Access Live!

Send an email to Info@80sinthesand.rocks and mention the All Access Live discount & they’ll hook you up for this year’s event in Cancun! Check out http://thesands.rocks!

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Rock/Country star/talent agent/business-builder, Chad Bourquin and I first met last year when he brought A Flock of Seagulls into Kansas City for a gig. We hit it off right away, first because of his killer eyeglasses, then because of his dynamic personality. He’s been a successful artist using phenomenal business skills, and is determined to share those chops with other bands wanting to make more money. We’ll rap about the “Play Music Make More” program, his Dream Big Series podcast, juggling music with a (delightful) family, and how to not only survive in a tough industry, but to thrive!

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Come partake in the live conversation with one of Canada’s most successful music biz philanthropists! Ed has worked with dozens of iconic bands to bring notable charities the support they need through amazing musical experiences. You’ll hear behind-the-scenes stories about many of your favorite bands.

Jason is a booking agent/drummer/businessman friend of mine that fascinates me. I wanted to share Jason’s wit with y’all, as well as discuss a program he created to develop business marketing skills via poker principles. I’d love to have Jason answer any questions you might have (no limits! Sorry… poker terms again).