You heard right, folks: Jack and Nick will be joining me to chat Dancehall Days, To Live and Die in LA, Everybody Have Fun Tonight and more. Jack’s got a remarkable new solo album (“Primitif”) that we’ll discuss, and have a laugh or two to escape reality for a short bit… you know you need it! Although we had some technical sound issues, the conversation was special. Enjoy!

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MTV VJs: Best of All Access Live w/ Kevin Rankin (Alan Hunter, Downtown Julie Brown & Riki Rachtman)

Segments of our fun and spirited conversations, the best of the MTV VJ hosts! We talk about the early MTV days, what they’re up to now, some hilarious and shocking moments on- and off-air, and some great times that we’ve all shared together.

JP’s the man behind the drum kit for SO MANY bands, it’d take up a whole hour listing them all. As the beat-keeper for 80s pop chart-toppers “Naked Eyes”, Jon and I have done many a gig together. You’ll get to be a fly on the wall when we take you “backstage” for a fun and uplifting hang to wrap up your Labor Day weekend!

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A Bay Area drum favorite, Mike Vanderhule holds down the mighty drum throne for, what I consider to be the most underrated hard rock band on the planet: Y&T. A student and pal of Steve Smith, Mike has all of the facilities of the perfect rock, jazz and fusion player. We’ve had lots of laughs over the years, and I look forward to sharing a few with all of you as Mike and I go live.

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40 years ago this week, in mid August 1980, The Vapors toured outside the UK for their first foray into worldwide stardom, spurred by the success of the hit single “Turning Japanese”. We’ve gotten to do a bit of touring together as well, and have shared incredible experiences along the way. We’ll share those stories and more, as we go “backstage” on ALL ACCESS LIVE!

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The iconic Headbanger’s Ball MTV VJ and I shared a rare in-person live appearance on All Access Live from Happy Rock Inn in Portland, Oregon. Riki and Lea Vendetta (world-famous tattoo artist) are riding their motorcycle cross-country to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s Disease ( Traveling more than 10,000 miles, their goal is to raise $20,000 through donations on their journey. We’re talked the history of MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball, Riki’s journey through the heyday of the Sunset Strip era, how the industry has changed and how he’s weathered the storm while bringing attention to worthy causes. Happy Rock Inn is THE stop for musicians traveling through Portland, and does a ton of charity work for the community.

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Don’t Forget Me When I’m Gone! Alan Frew is not only the voice and face of iconic 80s powerhouse “Glass Tiger”, he’s become a champion for positive change in today’s society. Still going stronger than ever, Alan and Glass Tiger have been touring huge shows, bringing nostalgia and an escape to the trials that life can bring. We’re going to take you on another escape when we catch up and celebrate the silver linings on Saturday, August 1 at 3pm Pacific, on All Access Live!

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Come die in our arms tonight as we hang out with one of the most entertaining and enjoyable bands from the 80s! Touring with Nick Van Eede, Gareth Moulton and Josh Thompson is as much fun as one can have and not get arrested.

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You may know him from “867-5309 (Jenny)”, but Tommy Heath is a rock n’ roll veteran of the pre-MTV era. We’ve done many a gig together, and Tommy’s got some funny stories from a LOT of time on the road. Come hang out with us as we reconnect with Tommy’s bandmate & compadré Jimmy James on All Access Live!

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OK, 80s movie fans: I KNOW you fell in love with “Beth”, the hottie that broke John Cusack’s heart in “Better Off Dead”. Or maybe you horror fans remember Amanda being the first person ever to be murdered by Freddy Krueger onscreen. Well, Amanda Wyss has a wide range of film and TV roles, and is one of the most sought-after 80s movie queens to make the celebrity fan circuit. We first met at 80s In the Sand in the Dominican Republic, and shared some great laughs. We had technical issues pairing Zoom with the All Access Live page on Facebook, so this episode recorded and was archived on YouTube. Here’s Amanda and her beautiful spirit!

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