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From the first notes of “The Promise”, you know these talented stars from their debut of When in Rome in the 80s. They restored their megastardom when The Promise was featured prominently in the comedy movie Napoleon Dynamite.

Fast forward years later, Clive Farrington and Andrew Mann have become like family to me. We’ve toured the world on package shows together, and folks who know them must agree that their personality and humor match their talented vocals. I’m looking forward to taking you with me to meet them “backstage” on All Access Live!

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International 80s pop icons Valerie Day and John Smith of Nu Shooz will delight us with a “backstage” hang full of happy thoughts and virtual hugs. This incredible couple has been the exception to the rule for “no dating a bandmate”, having more than 4 decades of happy marriage and a successful rock n’roll career. I look forward to touring alongside them as much as I love taking the stage myself. SUCH wonderful humans, these two! Come play with us as we escape real life for a bit.

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