I’m looking forward to FINALLY getting a chance to kick it with the legendary Robert Anthony Robinson on All Access Live! Robert first appeared on my radar with NW band Love Lode, and then word spread about his work with Passion Fatal. His new project is a culmination of decades of professional work as a player and performer.

Robert Anthony Robinson (RAR) is an American metal band hailing from the Pacific Northwest cities of Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington. The band delivers a dynamic range of heavy melodic groove with a ton of soulful vocals and shred guitars.

All those elements together produce a new genre they call “Soul Metal” The band had just completed their 2nd release before the pandemic and lockdown that followed. But now, the wait is over and they’re finally ready to unveil the “TRUTH”!

In addition to more videos for “TRUTH” they’ve already begun work on the follow up album as well as setting their sights on a U.S. tour. Check out their new brand new video for “Break it Again”:

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