Maiah Wynne captivates audiences worldwide with the alluring and enigmatic duality present in her music. An award-winning singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Maiah delivers powerful and universally resonant lyrics with a hauntingly beautiful voice layered in sophisticated and emotive folk/pop soundscapes. Her vocal quality conveys a rare combination of opposing elements that contribute to a timeless and genuinely unique signature sound with wide appeal – simultaneously delicate and strong, light and dark, “pretty-but-raw.” (The Missoula Independent)

Oregon Public Broadcasting described her song Sleep as “a gorgeous piece of orchestral folk pop that hides a sinister lyrical theme,” and KEXP wrote of Maiah’s “dusky, delicate voice brimming with emotion.” Varied timbres of dulcimer, keyboards, mandolin, ukulele, banjo, guitar and percussion reveal her multi-talented musical facility, and amplify her ethereal vocal lines.
In addition to finalizing her first full length album, Maiah recently released a remarkably powerful new record with Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Alex Lifeson of Rush and Juno Award winner Andy Curran under the title “Envy of None”.

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