You have seen Geoff as the singer/guitarist of Western Aerial, Metts, Ryan & Collins and Ants in the Kitchen, or bought guitars from his award-winning Five Star Guitars, but the story of Geoff Metts goes much deeper. Come dig in and share some bandwidth with a business visionary to see how he’s been able to adapt to changes in the industry.

This gal will knock your socks off. She’s been a regular in the session world of LA for decades as the go-to sax player for the biggest names in the biz. We first met during her tenure with Rod Stewart & have recently reconnected when she joined my pals in Wang Chung. From her appearances on Star Trek Nemesis to her performances with Scorpions, we will unearth stories that you won’t want to miss!

Joel is not only a phenomenal drummer, known by many fans for his impeccable Rush tributes, but is also a first-call session drummer for video game soundtracks! We are going to chat about the importance of relationships, and how they can form a path for greatness in all things.

You might think you know Glen’s rock pedigree from his phenomenal work with Alice Cooper and Hollywood Vampires, but there are SO MANY levels of progression in Glen’s rise that may have slipped through the cracks. We’ll talk about that stuff, his boundless energy of performance and education while touring, and everything in-between.

Sure, you know her from her tours & videos with Michael Jackson. You might have caught her touring with Jeff Beck, too… but there is SO MUCH going on with this beautiful human.

A live conversation with drummer/songwriter/beautiful human Joshua Thompson of Wang Chung and Cutting Crew. Tune in here to listen in on our conversation.

Jason is a booking agent/drummer/businessman friend of mine that fascinates me. I wanted to share Jason’s wit with y’all, as well as discuss a program he created to develop business marketing skills via poker principles. I’d love to have Jason answer any questions you might have (no limits! Sorry… poker terms again).