All Access Live with Kevin Rankin is excited to discuss the upcoming release of a new solo album by legendary Irish rock vocalist Robin McAuley. ‘Alive’ is out on 17th February 2023, with its title track available as a single and video today.

McAuley’s new album sees his voice continuing to defy time and sounding as inspired and powerful as ever, while the music is harder sounding than his previous effort, 2021’s ‘Standing On The Edge’, albeit still melodic, infectious and uplifting.

After re-emerging in recorded form with guest spots on Michael Schenker Fest albums and fronting the hard rock supergroup Black Swan in 2020, McAuley had felt reinvigorated and ready to explore further creative options. ‘Standing On The Edge’ was a stellar solo showcase at this time and was followed with a second Black Swan album in early 2022.

Work on ‘Alive’ began after this and features truly inspired and revelatory vocal performances on an album that is aptly entitled. As per his previous solo record, McAuley is backed by guitarist Andrea Seveso, bassist/keyboardist/producer Alessandro Del Vecchio and drummer Nicholas Papapicco.

Robin McAuley is acknowledged as one of the best singers from a golden period in hard rock music. His voice can be heard on albums by Grand Prix and Far Corporation, as well as the MSG records ‘Perfect Timing’, ‘Save Yourself’ and ‘MSG’.

It was via these that he was introduced to hard rock fans at large. After departing MSG he released a 1999 solo record, then joined AOR legends Survivor, but then re-grouped with Schenker in Michael Schenker Fest for their recent ’Resurrection’ and ‘Revelation’ records. 2020 and 2022 have seen him participate in Black Swan, for which he joined forces with Reb Beach (Whitesnake, Winger), Jeff Pilson (Foreigner, ex-Dokken) and Matt Starr (Ace Frehley, Mr Big).

Johnny “Vatos” and I have shared the stage many a time, celebrating the sounds and vibe of the 80s. We’ll discuss the crazy ride that goes along with being a drummer in an iconic band!

Johnny “Vatos” Hernandez’s professional drumming career began at age seventeen with a USO tour to South Vietnam. At nineteen, he was playing in local big bands, the LACC Studio Jazz Band and the Si Zenter Big Band. During the same time, Hernandez played in a variety of pit orchestras and backing acts, like Bob Hope, Billy Daniels and Gordon McCray. In the 1970s, he played with The Helen Reddy Band and served as the house drummer of “The Midnight Special” television show. There, he played with acts such as Frankie Avalon, Petula Clark, Keith Carradine and Martin Mull. When Helen Reddy hosted “The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson,” Hernandez had the honor of sitting in with The Doc Severinsen Band. Playing the famous opening theme song was a lifelong thrill.

After having been heard drumming with Toni Basil’s band by composer Danny Elfman and his longtime orchestrator Steve Bartek, Hernandez was hired as a session drummer on Elfman’s first film score, “The Forbidden Zone” (which continues to have a worldwide cult following). Hernandez joined the original lineup of the famous band, Oingo Boingo, a position he held for seventeen years, until their breakup in 1995. During that time, the band released eight albums, toured the world and played thousands of concerts.

After the breakup of Oingo Boingo, Hernandez joined the band, Tito and Tarantula and was featured in the Robert Rodriguez film, “From Dusk Till Dawn.” He had a rewarding time, touring Europe with Tito until 911, but at that point, he decided to return to Los Angeles to play jazz again. In the 1990s, Hernandez returned to regular session work for composers, like Jason Johnson, Steve Bartek and Bear McCreary. He was the drummer for Bear McCreary’s hugely popular “Battlestar Galactica” live orchestra concerts.

For the past several years, Hernandez has been touring with his own Boingo Dance Party, a high energy, wild Oingo Boingo music show that features former members of Oingo Boingo. Hernandez is also drummer for the Don Kubec Big Band and recently formed his own avant-garde group, Vlatko, featuring composer and arranger, Michael Vlatkovich on trombone (with whom Hernandez has played professionally for the past forty years). Vlatkovich is one of the leading talents among the Los Angeles improvisational scene. Playing unrestricted free style music always will be good for Hernandez’s soul.

In November 2012, Hernandez received the esteemed “Los Angeles Certificate of Recognition Award” from the Los Angeles City Council.

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Veteran hard rocker Paul Shortino, best known for his high-profile work fronting Rough Cutt and Quiet Riot, is a vocal master in the tradition of Paul Rodgers and Robert Plant, two of his all-time heroes. Rich, expressive and bluesy, his intense lead vocals are delivered with the inspired fervor of a true rock ‘n’ roll believer. And that he is, as proved quite consistently over the last two decades with a diverse string of independent projects. Today, when not writing and recording new material with which to showcase his pedigreed pipes, Shortino is developing and producing new artists for MusicWorks Entertainment (and its new label Rock Quarry Records), the firm he co-founded in 1997 with fellow musician and close friend J.T. Garrett.

Far beyond the realm of hard rock notoriety, Shortino is renowned for a quite different—but related—performance. In the early days of Rough Cutt, when Wendy Dio was first championing the band, a casting company rep caught them at L.A.’s famed Troubadour nightclub. Paul was called in to audition, and, decked out in fly white leather duds—“Oh, yeah,” he remembers them saying when they took in his rock-star splendor–and before you could shout ‘crank it to 11,’ Shortino was cast in cinema’s quintessential rock flick, the 1984 rockumentary This Is Spinal Tap. As the notorious Duke Fame, he’s seen en route to his own sold-out “Enormodome” concert, strutting past Spinal Tap in what’s supposedly a Memphis hotel—“in actuality a Burbank Holiday Inn,” says Paul. Fame’s manager, played by Howard Hesseman, snubs the Tap with the classic line, “We’d love to stand around and chat, but we gotta sit down in the lobby [and] wait for the limo.”

Shortino’s first professional recording was as one half of the duo Paul & JoJo on the 1971 Snuff Garrett-produced single “Follow Me,” released on Bell Records, home to artists including the 5th Dimension, The Partridge Family, and Al Green. The song saw some chart action, but the label didn’t work it, focusing instead on other breaking hits and bigger-name acts. Paul began singing and playing rock ‘n’ roll in clubs all over L.A., mostly cover material, but some original songs as well. As L.A.’s burgeoning hard rock hey-day coalesced during the late ’70s and early ’80s, Shortino became a fixture in the scene’s ground zero, the Sunset Strip. It was here that the nucleus of Rough Cutt came together, originally featuring guitarists Jake E. Lee, who went on to fame with Ozzy Osbourne, and Craig Goldy, who did likewise with Giuffria and Dio.

We’ll talk Paul’s current endeavors, including his recent tour with Icons of Rock, which toured internationally with a variety of legendary music veteran vocalists from AC/DC, Boston, Santana, The Romantics and Survivor.

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Neferteri Plessy is a trailblazer for mom entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders. A sought-after coach and motivational speaker, Neferteri has trained over 5,000 women globally helping them launch online businesses, gain financial freedom and establish wealth building strategies.

Plessy is the Founder of Elevated Strategist, an agency with expertise in digital audience development and strategy, including the cultivation and management of digital marketing campaigns, brand identity, social media marketing, public relations strategies as well as the production of live digital events. Elevated Strategist works closely with top executives, experts, entrepreneurs and companies guiding their creation of consistent and impactful strategic messaging to ensure successful campaigns, events, brands and businesses.

Plessy is also the Founder and CEO of Single Moms Planet (SMP),a 501(c)(3) non-profit established to educate, empower, and uplift single mothers and their children. Through SMP, she has developed cutting-edge programming, events and resources focused on financial literacy and business development. Through its Single Mom’s Awards, SMP has celebrated the amazing achievements of single moms who have built success in business and inspired other single moms around the world. Honorees have included Anastasia Sores, owner of Anastasia of Beverly Hills; Shanna Moakler, former Miss USA; and Garcelle Beauvais, actress and television personality.

Becoming a model at 17, she appeared in a variety of magazines and publications, later becoming a Playmate of the Month at Playboy Magazine. She would go on to appear on music videos and television shows such as “The Parkers,” “Method and Red” and others as well co-host VH1’s “Sex & Rock Roll.”

Over a decade ago, as a single mom of two young children, Plessy struggled like many new single moms to find balance, identity, self-fulfillment, and financial security. She learned then that even though over one-third of all children in America are being raised by single moms, there was no organization solely dedicated to supporting single moms. This led her to devote her time and resources to give single moms the inspiration and resources they need to live their best life.

Plessy and her work have been featured on numerous media outlets including Access Hollywood, Extra, Good Morning America, The Huffington Post, BBC News, MSN Lifestyle, KIIS FM and LA Weekly.

For more information, please visit and

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Deep in the roots of Portland, Oregon’s rock scene, veteran rockstar Lamar Stilwell scorched the stages throughout the 90s and 2000s. Having toured extensively throughout the Pacific Northwest, Lamar fronted Portland favorite’s “Grindstone” well over a decade before forming Seattle-area’s Point Defiance. That band continued to shine due to Stilwell’s hook-laden grit-rock, catching the eye of Snoop Dogg and collaborating on a cover of David Bowie’s “Fame”.

Lamar continues to write his emotionally-driven power rock, balancing that focus with his love and passion as a husband and father. We’ve done many gigs together in the Northwest, and now we’ll reconnect to share his mindset and hear some of his material in an intimate live environment. Fans of the “golden years” of Portland’s rock scene will love this meetup!

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Edward Candelaria & Marq Smith, co-owners of The Breaking Bad Store ABQ are historians and merchants of unquestionably the greatest television series programming in history. I was fortunate enough to have stumbled into this fascinating landmark and had the opportunity to feel the enthusiasm for Vince Gilligan’s remarkable masterpieces.

The Breaking Bad Store is not just a marketplace to buy show swag, but also a museum where they showcase items they’ve been collecting for over a decade from Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul and El Camino. Merchandise also includes gifts from the television crew and creators, as well as art generated from talented fans. Unique memorabilia from the shows are on display everywhere, as well as photo opportunities for fans of the show.

You can find Ed & Marq online at:

Join me, Marq and Ed as we discuss the fascinating world of Walter White and Company!

We’ve all had them: Bucket Lists. VERY FEW humans actively pursue checking off that list one by one, determined to have that list exhausted by the time their last days are counted. But that’s just one small difference that separates Scött English from the rest of humanity. This man balances pursuits of his passion while providing light and support to families and children in need. An advocate for kiddos, English works with his community to ensure that children with disabilities have the best chance possible shot at a vibrant future. There’s a LOT to be grateful for in our lifetime, and this man shows how to recognize that gratitude and pay it forward. You’ll love to join us to celebrate Gratitude Month and the spirit of giving thanks.

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“BIG CAP”, the forthcoming deluxe album release from Capital K is due to hit the market on 12/2/22. Kaleb Rankin shares a peek at some of the tracks, his inspiration and the path that led to this mark in time. Purchase the album on all platforms to get the deluxe version of 22 tracks!

California native Jack Russell is a rock vocalist and songwriter, and a founding member of early-’80s hard rock radio staples Great White. Citing influences like Robert Plant and Steven Tyler, Russell spent his formative years fronting high-school bands. In 1977 he co-founded the band Danté Fox alongside guitarist Mark Kendall. In 1981 the band changed its name to Great White, and in 1984 the group issued its eponymous debut album via EMI. Great White hit it big in 1987 with their third LP, Once Bitten…, which featured the hit single “Rock Me,” and again in 1989 with …Twice Shy, which included their chart-topping cover of Ian Hunter’s “Once Bitten Twice Shy.” Russell left the group in 1996 to pursue a solo career, and released Shelter Me in 1999 via MVP Records. That same year saw Russell rejoin the band, but by 2001 Great White had called it quits, holding a farewell show on New Year’s Eve at the Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana, California.

The following year saw Russell begin touring under the name Jack Russell’s Great White. By 2005, the stress from lawsuits stemming from a tragic accident in a Rhode Island club, inner band turmoil, and Russell’s substance abuse problems had taken its toll, and Jack Russell’s Great White ceased operations. The original lineup of Great White re-formed for a tour and released their tenth studio album, Back to the Rhythm, in 2007. Another studio LP, Rising, followed in 2009, but it would be Russell’s last outing with the group. In 2011, after a period of recuperation following multiple back surgeries stemming from a fall in 2009, a newly sober Russell began operating once again under the Jack Russell’s Great White moniker. In 2017 the band released its debut studio album, He Saw It Comin’, via Frontiers Records.

In the mid-1990s, a Portland, Oregon trio took the alternative rock scene by force. Fronted by the eternally powerful voice and bass prowess of Lea Krueger, On a Llama played nearly every venue in the Pacific Northwest. Supported by guitarist/songwriter Greg Kirkelie and Kevin Rankin on drums, On a Llama amassed a fiercely loyal fan base, sold thousands of full length albums (self-titled in 1995, “Riddle Canon” in 1997) and left the music scene wanting more.

Decades later, I’m still asked often “whatever happened to…?”, and it just seems appropriate to reflect on the story behind the recordings, the incredible live shows, aspirations for the members, hilarious stories about the fans and supporters of the band, and see if we all can’t enjoy the beauty of the phase that embodied that band.

You’ll hear unreleased tracks, see some rare video performances and share conversations with lots of people involved with the band when you join us on Nov 16 at 5pm Pacific!

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