Wow, folks… this got as deep and powerful as you can get. Danny shared his heart and spirit as he disclosed the challenges of being homeless, struggling to maintain sanity, and redemption through tenacity and fortitude. Watch ’til the end. It’s important.

Danny’s given title is “Student of Life Majoring in Gratitude”, which exemplifies his journey perfectly. One of the most inspiring drummers to grace the rock n’roll scene in the Pacific NW, Danny Carbo first entered my radar while touring with Jerry Joseph and Little Women. I was a teenager, sneaking into clubs and happened upon Danny’s beastly playing in Bozeman, MT, and I saw him take a folk-rock Americana band to a monstrous level.

We’ve shared bands together, lots of laughs, and PLENTY of tears. We welcome you to join in those reflections on All Access Live.

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Ligature Marks is an American metal band from Portland, Oregon formed in 2017. The lineup is made up of some of the Pacific Northwest’s most hailed underground bands. Vocalist Benjamin Charles (SYX, Twenty Shades of Red), guitarist Karl Whinnery (Proven, Nova Eyes, Vintersea), guitarist Josh Whinnery (Proven, Nova Eyes), drummer Kyle Baltus (36 Crazyfists, Falling Closer, SYX) and bassist Dave Keller (SYX, Falling Closer).

At first glance the bands musical style could likely fall under the blanket statement of Metalcore. Dig a little deeper and you’ll uncover depths of influences ranging from progressive metal to hardcore, and from punk to straight forward heavy metal. The pallet of guitar styles the Whinnery brothers have in their arsenal lay down brutal and melodic textures, equally haunting and beautiful as it is ruthless and destructive. Backed by the unforgivingly savage rhythm section of Dave Keller and Kyle Baltus, the perfect amount of pocket and chaos, groove is everything. The vocals of frontman Benjamin Charles are raw and intelligent. Memorable lyrics delivered aggressively and without apology, equally tormented as they are hopeful.

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“Haircoustic” versions of big rock tunes from the 80s and beyond!”

Brandon Cook, Andrew Greene and Michael Killian (B.A.M.) have made singing along to your favorite hairspray-influenced rock a lot easier on the ears by taking the MTV’s Headbangers Ball genre down to a simple acoustic form. The songs you know and (secretly) love are just what you needed to start the weekend off with a “BAM”!

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You know him from the multi-platinum group “White Lion” from the best of the Headbanger’s Ball era, but you may also be privvy to his other stints with Anthrax, Zakk Wylde and Stephen Pearcy.

Greg is one of those drummers that I’ve ONLY seen onstage with a smile on his face. What’s he hiding? 🙂 We’ll find out as we go “backstage” live with him on All Access Live!

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“I grew up in California and Montana, chasing dragonflies, electronics and creativity. When my parents brought home our first computer, I became obsessed with coding games and animations. In College, I realized that film and video brought all of my favorite things together. I also studied marketing and psychology. I graduated at the top of my department in Film School, and have been happily obsessed with making IT and industries more approachable to customers for twenty years.”

This is what Ken has to say about himself. What I have to say is that the guy that intimidated and inspired me with his talent and creativity in high school has become so much more inspiring to me today. We have a connection with SO many things, and I’m grateful that I could put my insecurities aside to get to know him better over the past decade.

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From the first notes of “The Promise”, you know these talented stars from their debut of When in Rome in the 80s. They restored their megastardom when The Promise was featured prominently in the comedy movie Napoleon Dynamite.

Fast forward years later, Clive Farrington and Andrew Mann have become like family to me. We’ve toured the world on package shows together, and folks who know them must agree that their personality and humor match their talented vocals. I’m looking forward to taking you with me to meet them “backstage” on All Access Live!

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I don’t think there will be a more entertaining character than Kayvon. Every major event we perform on the east coast of the US or Canada, it seems Kayvon’s there. Every restaurant outing, every soundcheck or rehearsal, he has a knack for always finding out where the action’s happening. And when Kayvon shows up, there’s laughter to be had!

This self-proclaimed “Boy London” has an interesting journey that led him to be one of the most ubiquitous sightings in Canada, and I look forward to him sharing that journey “backstage” on All Access Live

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I first discovered talent in Mykel Illa through his Portland band “Delta Avenue”. He’s got this mojo onstage that you can’t teach, and when he told me about his solo project, I knew that I could expect some magic. Asking him about it, he says that the solo venture “is more of a passion project in which i get to work on my favorite genres of music and also include friends to join the journey! My plan is to release a new song every other month of 2021 and have a friend or 2 featured on each single.”

If the new single “Tragic” is any indication of what Mykel is capable of, you’ll have him filling your streams with great, pop-inspired soulful music every other month for the year to come.

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The Pacific Northwest knows all about one of the industry’s best-kept secrets in Dirk Sullivan. He’s the quiet rock star who was destined for global domination from the late 80s to the mid-90s, with his band “Love on Ice”.

Love on Ice achieved some notoriety from their appearance on Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey soundtrack, and internationally from their European, Canadian and US tour dates before falling prey to the same outcome as many of the other remarkable bands of the era.

Dirk is currently recording a record with Andrew Paul Woodworth, recording with Gregg Williams and states that “Music has taken on a new life for me over the last couple years and especially during the pandemic. I’ve been very inspired and am writing some of the best most original music of my life.”

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Most fans of 80s music will recognize the unforgettable first 3 notes of the mega hit “I Can’t Wait”… the snappy bass line made legendary by my pal Gary Fountaine. The moment those notes are played, the room starts moving, no matter how large or small the venue.

Nu Shooz was Nominated for a Grammy in 1986 for Best New Artist. Gary recorded “Poolside” with Nu Shooz featuring the hit song “I Can’t Wait” for Atlantic Records, and received Gold Record status in 1987, embarking on an international 77 city tour, while making TV appearances on American Bandstand, Solid Gold, AM L.A., AM Northwest, Nick Rocks, and MTV.

We’ll chat Nu Shooz, session recording, the art of blending in for any type of gig, and doing it all with a smile on your face.

Come hang with us “backstage” on All Access Live

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