The conversation I had with Martin will undoubtedly leave you feeling as I did… this man’s love for life and creativity is not only refreshing, but inspiring. Performing the debut of his recent single “The Storyteller” was just icing on the cake. Dig into this broadcast and learn more about a master of love song crafters.

“My life is a story of many languages and cultures, of searching for common ground, of learning new things. I found this through music. My family moved to the UK when I was two years old. That’s when I discovered music as my calling. I was inspired and encouraged by the musicians of the South African community there, including Eugene Skeef and members of the group District Six. I enjoy playing several instruments, and my interest in literature has been a driving force in my pursuit as a songwriter. As a child, I studied piano on and off for a few years and then I fell in love with the guitar and percussion. I spent much of my childhood between Europe and Lima, Peru, where I was born, and I believe all that traveling deeply influenced my outlook on life and music. As a teenager in the USA I toured with the band Al Andalus, an ensemble of musicians from many parts of the world which celebrated the music of Andalusian Spain. After attending Berklee College of music on a scholarship and graduating with honors I moved to Portland, Oregon to join the band Pink Martini.”

2013-Independent Music Award for Best Song – Story Song
2013-Independent Music Award for Best Song – Children’s Music
2013-Independent Music Award for Best Song – Vox Pop Award
2014- Independent Music Award for Best Song – World Beat
2014-Independent Music Award for Best Song – Love Song
2019-Independent Music Award for Best Song – Acoustic Song
2019-Independent Music Award for Best Song – Reggae/Ska/Dancehall
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