One of Portland‘s most loved personalities, Bill Prescott had been atop the airwaves in rock radio for decades. To be in a position like that, one needs character, and MAN, does this guy have that! All one needs to know is the band he championed (“Choad”) and it’ll scratch the surface of the demented and hilarious mind of Prescott.

We catch up with BP in a “Where are they now?” segment, and find out whether Choad may or may not be inducted into next year’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

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  1. Ron S.
    Ron S. says:

    I do remember KRCK in Portland. Those guys in the morning, Todd Brandt and Rick Rydell, morning DJs. My alarm radio used to wake me up every morning to them before heading off to work. 1987 maybe? Anyway yeah, KRCK.


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