Barry Davis is a Canadian sportscaster formerly of Sportsnet and current host of the Outta The Park podcast.

Davis began his broadcasting career in 1992 as a Technical Operator at CJCL 1430 (currently 590 The FAN) based out of Toronto, Ontario. In 2002, he became a reporter for the Toronto Maple Leafs at Sportsnet. He would later go on to become a Toronto Blue Jays field reporter at Sportsnet and followed them on their latest playoff runs of 2015 and 2016.

In 2017, Davis left Sportsnet to pursue “new and exciting” opportunities. He began his own media company No Suit Required Media. He currently hosts the Outta The Park podcast which airs three times a week and he has over 50,000 Twitter followers.

As the lead singer and guitarist of a Tom Petty tribute band named We Ain’t Petty, Barry and I share our experiences in both original and tribute projects. He’s got SO much enthusiasm and support for music in his community around Ontario. This guy has passion and compassion – it oozes from his pores! Hang out with us as we talk music, sports and how he manages his passions amidst the pandemic.

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