In the mid- to late-80s, a band from Billings, Montana changed my life. I’d sneak into the bars and sit with the sound engineers to watch in awe as this phenomenal band brought ridiculously brilliant originals and impeccable covers of the greatest rock and roll songs to a sleepy little Montana college town. They left The Cat’s Paw in shambles, every girl in town panting, every local musician wishing they were a part of something so magical. Over 35 years later, I’ve got them ALL together for a live reunion (well, chat)! Come hang out with Chris Fahnlander, Art Eichele, Frank Wilson, Bryan Oakley and James Sloan live!

Divided – Soma at the Mirage – Nov. 12, ’89

Wasted Years – Soma at the Mirage – Nov. 12, ’89

Rock You Like A Hurricane – Soma at the Mirage – Nov. 12, ’89

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