When Acclaimed pop singer and hip hop artist Alicia G was growing up she often found herself listening to Garth Brooks and Tim McGraw nearly as often as she listened to 50 cent and Eminem. But today, the energetic artist is channeling her country roots with her new single “Daisy Duke Two Step,” available on Jan. 19 on Apple Music, Spotify and elsewhere.

The energetic country-flavored new single, which recalls the comely “Dukes of Hazzard” character, blends, country, pop and hip hop with an infectious beat that encourages listeners to dance and revel in the catchy melody and Alicia’s distinctive voice.
“I love pop and hip hop, but I always wanted to record something with a unique country feel,” Alicia G said. “It’s definitely not your dad’s country music, but it’s a great blend of many influences I’ve had, namely from country to rock, pop, rhythm and blues and more – something that I think the fans will love!”

The music video, which is available on YouTube here or at, features Alicia G performing in cowboy boots and Daisy Duke denim shorts at a barnyard hoe down.

The single was produced by veteran music producer Andrew Lane, whose past work includes such artists as The Backstreet Boys, Miley Cyrus and others. “Daisy Duke Two Step” follows the success of her hit single “It’s Little, But It Jiggles” last fall.

Coming to fame as a teenage beauty queen when she first appeared in the ABC reality series “Wife Swap” in 2008, where Alicia G was asked to portray a bratty teenager in the reality series. But in the backlash from her portrayal, she suffered incessant hate mail and abuse on social media which culminated in physical attacks at school and elsewhere. Despite the suffering, Alicia G persevered and went on to embark on a career in the music industry where despite occasional online hate, she has won over fans with such hits as “Talk to the Hand,” “Pretty Girl,” “Ca$h & Nap” and others in recent years.

Today, Alicia G is an outspoken advocate for children who are bullied and face online hate as well as a staunch supporter of women’s rights and efforts to protect the environment.

Besides her music and activism, Alicia G has joined the live streaming app Bigo Live where she broadcasts a daily show that soon grew her audience to more than 2.7 million fans who tune in nightly to watch her perform, DJ and entertain with her humor, style and boundless energy. To watch Alicia G on Bigo Live, download the app at the Apple Store or Google Play or click here.
For more on Alicia G, visit or follow her on Instagram at or on Twitter at

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